The covid-19 Vaccine is THE END GAME

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I remember saying to my mom 10 years ago, as I was trying to open her eyes to what is truly going on in this #ed up world, that there might come a day when the governments of this world would give themselves the
(1) right and power to make bodily autonomy a thing of the past.

A world where simply choosing what goes and goes not inside of your own body would almost be seen as a fringe idea.

Something criminal....

I've been reading and evaluating a lot the mainstream opinion about
(2) vaccines and mandatory vaccination of the general population and it seems my fears are based on reality.

The amount of ppl "calling out" parents who decide (with their own freewill) to not vaccinate their own childrens and suggesting to either put them in prison or revoke
(3) their right to be parents is completely insane....!

Thing is, I thought a society who would force the whole world to be injected with substances was at least 50 years away... well, I guess I was either blinded or too optimistic.

Don't you see what they have been preparing
(4) from the start?

They said from the get go the covid vaccine was 12-18 months away which is pure nonsense considering making a safe and efficient vaccine takes between 5 to 15 years to do it correctly.
(5) Instead, they have been telling us the world will never go back to the "old normal" without a vaccine.

The problem with this (bull#) statement is the fact that you should not be able to predict how much time it will take to make a good vaccine and even less entirely base
(6) the idea of returning to a healthy society on the making of said vaccine.

I'll make you guys a very easy prediction.

The covid vaccine WILL be available 12-18 months after the start of this so-called pandemic.

So what does this tells us?
(7) It tells us this whole mascarade seems to be only a reason to force 7 billions people to be injected with who knows what.

Everything that has been put forward because of the coronavirus:

- The physical distancing (which divide us even more).

- The need to follow arrows and lines (making us like cattle).

- The restriction on gathering (removing the right to protest).

- The necessity to wear a mask (silencing us).
(9) All of this was put in place so they can offer you an alternative path.

Either take this vaccine and have the right to live "normally" again or keep all of the these restrictions with no clear end in sight.

Even more disturbing,
"Experts" have been starting to claim we
(10) will need to show a vaccination proof of this virus to function normally in all of the layers of society:

Want to go to the superbowl?

Show your immunization proof.

Want to go to the supermarket?


Want to go to job?

(11) So the big question is why do they want to make 7 billions vaccines for a virus that kills mostly the elderly (who they do not give a # about) and kills not that much more than influenza?

Something really wrong is going on and I feel like this vaccine and the looming
(12) mandatory vaccination (whether it be directly or indirectly) feels like the end of the world is upon is.

Just my opinion....

What do you think is going on ?
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