Pros and cons of dating Lee Jieun

( #IU #아이유)

She isn't the perfect cook out there but she tries her best for you because she loves you.

After all, it's the thought that counts.
Her eyes would twinkle whenever you would try to be funny and she'll laugh like anything.

You: Jakskwkmwnw
Jieun: 😭😂🤣🤭😂🤣🥴🤪🤣

Not to mention her contagious ahjumma laugh.

Protect her stomach when she laughs like that! 🚨
She loves night dates so be sure to take her out even when you are tired🤭

She is the real view you need to see💘
When you can't sleep, she'll sing the most sweetest songs to you as a lullaby, playing her guitar and looking flawlessly beautiful even when jieun is not dressed up.
Waking up to this beautiful bare faced Jieun in the morning who greets you with her prettiest smile.

Jieun doesn't know how to drive
She loves eating chocolates, she is a choco-addict, she can't stop eating chocolate. Someone has to like stop Jieun.

She won't share her chocolates with you. No matter what.
Now... Wake up, you aren't Yoo In Na so your chances are zero. Jieun loves Inna🤭

Story finished😭

Now that is the reality. End of thread 👁️👄👁️
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