Northerner Politicians and wealthy men will send their daughters to the best schools in the US/Europe and let them marry as adults.

And then they'd fund Imams whose preachings promote the "culture" of child marriage while attack dogs like wastepapin defend it on social media
Visit Abuja and see their daughters: beautiful, properly educated with fantastic English accents, with their small veils, enjoying their youth.

But go farther to Zamfara and you'd see a 16 year-old girl with pregnant while carrying a little baby. The wickedness
It reminds me of Fatima whom I grew up with as a child. She was one of the most Brilliant girls in class back then.

She was forcefully married,her future cut shut. In my first year in university,my sister called to tell me she died while giving birth to her second child.Teenager
Used to work for an NGO that offers improved antenatal and postnatal care to pregnant woman and mothers. I had the chance to experience the rot of this child marriage firsthand.

We visit some of these primary healthcare centers in rural areas and I'd almost run mad with rage
You will find a 13-year-old child (I kid you not) seated at an antenatal class with her small body and bulging belly.

A child who should be in junior secondary school oo. And what is the excuse? "Gara dai tayi aure ko kuma ta lalata." Very stupid and dumb excuse.
Same thing with this whole charade of a "conservative, simple, honest" culture of the North.

Northern elites are most corrupt, most extravagant and dishonest in Nigeria.

Guess who is expected to be conservative simple,humble, honest, accept their "fate"? The poor masses
It angers me how much Poverty and lack of access to good education is used as a weapon by the elites in the North to control and wield power.

You will see a Northern Politician advocating for death sentence for homosexuals in Kano but every weekend he is fucking boys in Abuja
The hypocrisy angers. And how much power these cult of elites wield by mass impoverishment (knowledge and resources) of the North angers me.

So much potential wasted because of the valorisation of an oppressive, skewed "culture" that only the poor is compelled to adhere to.
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