Here we go again with Tesla. A major run-up fueled on pure speculation. Tesla adds Hiromichi Mizuno well known for his dislike of shorts, former manager of a trillion dollar plus Japanese hedge fund. We can assume he has or should have connections with Softbank. $tsla $tslaq
Lo and behold the Japanese investment company turns out to be the primary driver behind the recent stock surge by what appears to be a call buying strategy which is intended to drive algorithmic trading & stock purchases to artificially drive the price up on what is a very small
float for a company the size of Tesla. Register rings for Elon who has been rewarded continuously for pumping his stock without repercussions & who anyone with a basic understanding of accounting knows manipulates the hell out of his financials ad-nauseam.
Seriously, how does a company the size of Tesla have an undefined AR balance in excess of 1 billion which grows in tandem with an unexplained EPS growth # which occurs with Q over Q declining auto sales growth. This AR balance is never clearly explained in the notes to the
financial statements and yet is spurred by EV credit income which more than doubles when the world is shut down. Tesla makes fewer cars, anticipated global auto sales are expected to decline, economic conditions deteriorate historically yet EV credit sales double? Red Flags?
Elon a CEO who has been known to stretch the truth a little. Remember, FSD, 1000 solar roofs a week, putting people on mars, on the precipice of curing serious ailments, the hyperloop which turned out to be cars on tracks, a million robotaxis, appreciating cars.
We could do this all day. This true charlatan has now become the 3rd richest man on the planet by producing .011% of all vehicles in the world. Running a bankrupt solar company into the ground. Taking the credit for building rockets when he doesn't even have a
Bachelors in Engineering, putting cars on tracks & calling it a hyperloop & the cherry on top, rolling a pig out claiming major advances in neuroscience. Is the simulation an SNL skit & we just don't know we are characters in the skit? It has to be right?
But wait it gets soooo much better. Not one of Elon Musk's companies have ever turned a profit without generous subsidies from taxpayers. A billion from New York for an empty factory, billions from California, Europe throws in a couple of billion & yet no profits. Oh and for this
Elon rewards the taxpayers of the world by working with Morgan Stanley to allow his shares to be borrowed against so he doesn't have to pay income taxes on the stock sales. Yes, you guessed it. Elon Musk is probably the world's largest legal tax evader. Yet, Elon is saving the
planet so it is okay if he commits securities fraud, stretches the truth a little & gets rich off of Average Joe's money while most of America is struggling to make ends meet. Oh yeah about that. Electric cars require a lot of energy to build, maintain & operate. The fact is
electric cars have a negligible impact on reducing carbon emissions. In fact almost zero. Don't believe me take 10 seconds to Google some research studies & enjoy. It makes sense right. California generates the vast majority of it's energy over 70% from gulp, coal, natural gas &
other non-renewable sources. All those superchargers,the plant in Fremont, New York all create carbon for our atmosphere. Then what about the toxic batteries? Is this the greatest con in history? We all have a front row seat! It is about to get rough like it always does for Tesla
Softbank is exposed, the S&P demonstrated some common sense, oh and a Tesla on auto pilot killed a few more folks this weekend. Yet don't despair! Battery day is just around the corner & more fantastical creations will be promised & not delivered. Tesla's auto sales will be up
Q over Q so the hyper-growth stories can be re-stoked. I mean scintillating growth will all allow Tesla's worldwide market share to soar from .0113% to .0127%. The fervor will be back & Elon will get richer, taxpayers more charitable & poorer & the earth not much cleaner.
Yet the SEC will close it's eyes & the greatest con in history will go on unabated because it is just too big to fail! $tsla $tslaq
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