The funniest photo sequences in ILand Episode 10 (ft. the anti-aegyo line) to cheer everyone up, a thread;
We said cute Heese—okay
He's so done
Sorry Jay, they have proof.
He said btch I'm out
The mini mission has tortured Jakehoon to the soul 🤣
His heart—
3, 2, 1...AAAAAAhhhKK
/realizes what's happening/
/instant regret/
It's simple: YOU CAN'T.
Heeseung aka comedian of the night
Jake, you're supposed to scare him...
Kids, you thought
He's gone gone
#/Jakehoonlubog #/betrayed
No. Aegyo is Heeseung's nickname.
/rethinks life decisions/
No explanations needed, only suffering
Jay's RAS=ILanders' happiness
Are we satisfied now Sunoo
Just want to add these pretty smiles.
Happy ILanders=Happy Eggies
Guys sorry it's #/Jakenulubog not #/Jakehoonlubog 'cause we all know they're sailing😭😭😭
Sorry I only posted this now too. I thought that we needed some time to breathe and cope up first.

I hope this thread made you smile!

PS. Filo Eggies, check out my au on my pinned! Thank you!
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