White people spent all that time in June saying BLM only to believe the lies being told about protesters by those in power. It’s almost like they knew your “support” could be easily stripped away with literally the flimsiest of reasons ever. Y’all have fucking eyes. USE THEM.
Like FR. What’s more plausible? that suddenly protesters who took the streets against police brutality turned into roving mobs out the clear blue sky OR being met with tear gas, pepper bullets, broken bones and severe injuries ratchet up the anger in the streets?!
And let me say that it’s a fucking disgrace that every elected official isn’t staying in the streets with their constituents every single night to witness, experience and document what the police are doing. Y’all are embarrassing & frankly make convincing ppl to vote really HARD.
The media can catch these hands too - I mean y’all so in the pocket of white supremacy and run by racists that even watching your own GD reporters and those of other news outlets be directly physically attacked hasn’t made you question the narratives and lies being told by police
While people learn more in this country about WWII & Hitler than probably any other era of history. Even the Revolutionary War isn’t covered as much in schools, in movies etc. AND YET you see 45 running the same playbook and sit around with your thumbs up your ass waiting for???
I guess the reality is while people aren’t waiting for anything. They have however truly bought into the lie that fascism won’t harm them. Running around cosplaying Handmaids Tale then turn into a bunch of Serena Joy’s cuz a few buildings got burned down. SMDH.
Real question for where people:
What are YOU going to do if 45 loses and refuses to leave power?
I’m tired. Y’all need to use some fucking common sense at some point and stop falling for this bullshit. Police lie. As a rule. They stay lying. They stay assaulting people for no reason & lying about it. And you stay believing their bullshit.
In this movement we are abolitionists - but y’all so scared of that we gracefully lowered the bar and made a clear demand. Take money & resources away from police and give them to services that ACTUALLY PREVENT CRIME (because police do not do that BTW). #DefundThePolice
What did you do? Walk around arguing about “but wait what does that MEAN?” “That’s a terrible demand.” “We don’t UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS.” MMWTBS. It’s as clear as can fucking be - just say you love police more than the lives of Black people and GTF out the way.
Cuz frankly - yes, we want ALL police gone. Finished. Nada. No más. They add nothing to our society and only serve the interests of white supremacy.
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