THREAD: Comparing Portugal when Ronaldo was at his peak (2012), to the current Portugal team and how I project them to perform.
GK - Rui Patricio. Very solid goalkeeper.
RB - Joao Pereira.
CBs - Bruno Alves + Pepe
LB - Coentrao

GK - Lopes
RB - Cancelo
CBs - Ruben Dias + Pepe
LB - Guerreiro
At the FB position, Cancelo is a massive upgrade on Pereira. I would put Guerriero and Coentrao level, as both are quite average. At the CB position, I’d say it is a slight downgrade due to Pepe’s aging. The GKs are both decent.

Overall: About the same
DM - Miguel Veloso
CM - Meireles
CM - Moutinho

AM - Bruno
CM - Moutinho
DM - Danilo
MIDFIELD - Analysis.
The midfield in 2020 is vastly superior to 2012. Bruno is an AM with real quality which Portugal lacked, and Danilo is a better defensive midfielder than Veloso. Moutinho provides a good balance, but is less mobile than in 2012.

Overall: Big improvement

LW - Ronaldo
CF - Hugo Almeida
RW - Nani

LW - Ronaldo
CF - Joao Felix
RW - Bernardo
ATTACK - Analysis
Joao Felix is a huge upgrade on Hugo Almeida. His ability to drop deep and link up play is vital, and it gives space for CR7 to move into. If he can improve further before 2021 he will be a force. Silva and Nani are both good playmakers.

Overall: Big upgrade
Notable squad players:
Andre Silva - Offers a different style of striker to Joao Felix, but not that good
Trincao - Bright talent but I don’t think he will develop well at Barca
Ruben Neves - Good midfielder and has a relationship with Neves as they play together for Wolves
My Projection:
This current Portugal team is capable to reach the Euro Semi finals, however they will face a tough challenge getting out of the group phase against France and Germany. This is a very talented group, with experienced players providing a winning mentality.
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