"These ppl are perfectly happy to drool over straight guys being forced to touch eo but Mew and Gulf genuinely wanting to touch eo to the point of holding themselves back - that's gross to them. Even with cultural differences considered, it's homophobic." POINTS WERE MADE https://twitter.com/div1na_c0mmedia/status/1302253612639293442
anyways the entire thread was definitely interesting to read, if u all have some time to spare pls give it a try!! they made various points about how thai media and locals perceive mewgulf as ur 'not the common bl ship' and explained the possible root of the hate thrown at them
"Straight Gulf on the other hand was flossing Mew's teeth with his tongue every single workshop." HELPPP THIS LINE IS CRACKING ME UP 😂✋ Also pls dont take this out of context, this was meant to be sarcastic AKLSHJADD
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