This, this, THIS.

It’s sickening that Filipino diaspora, especially us Fil-Am’s and Filipino Canadians that does this. And we have the audacity to “educate” homeland Filipinos on our culture? This is why there’s so much divisiveness between Filipinos + Filipino diaspora.
My lola and titas raised us to know our Filipino roots, histories, languages, folklores etc. They ingrained our culture into us even though we are far from home so that we don’t forget who we are or where we came from and that is something I will always appreciate and cherish
I see Filipino Americans and Filipino Canadians confused why homeland Filipinos hates us Filipino diaspora so much that they don’t accept or claim us & it’s like why are we surprised? We mock our customs, refuse to learn our history, hate on Filipino food, & y’all are confused?
It’s also gross of Filipino diaspora who are trying to appropriate the Latinx term to coin “Filipinx” or “Pinxy” 🤢 No. Stop appropriating another’s cultural term and stop trying to gender(-ize?) an already gender-neutral language please.
Fil-Am’s & Fil-Canadians hear “you’re not Filipino enough to be Filipino” from homeland Filipinos A LOT and “you’re not American/Canadian enough [white] to be American/Canadian” from Americans/Canadians. Do we write each other off? No. Learn and respect our roots, Fil-diaspora
Reminds me of a quote in Dating Makes Perfect: “I’m just a bumbling Thai American, who doesn’t belong fully to either world”

That shit hits hard for all diasporas, not just Thai, Filipinos or Asians in general. We just need to embrace our two worlds whether they accept us or not
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