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im thinking about how in previous interviews gulf always feign indifference when talking about being possessive. He always said mew is more possessive and that he trust mew so he have no reason to worry about+
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but last night something shift in him. im pleasently surprised that he admitted he does feel possessive and whats more shocking to me is the fact he gave a reason! (YES, HE HAVE REASON NOW) and his reason is very much valid and consistent.
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during an interview mew was asked about his recent photoshoots which I assumed the one y'all thirst over, including me (sorry gulf)

anyway, apparently there was an issue that's why mew was asked about it & im pretty sure gulf knows about it too

which leads me to my next tweet
remember the iconic interview during kazz award? Mind you, Gulf was interviewed alone at that time. He was on his own.

Gulf was asked how he feels about Mew's shirtless photos and he said Mew have nice body so it's only right for him to show it+

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But when the interviewer asked if he's possessive, he down right said "people can only look but they can't have it". He said it with a slightly but brief stern face.

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And so I believe this whole thing about mew shirtless photoshoots and the ruckus it has caused really triggered him and he's now openly admitting that he does feels possessive when mew show too much skin+

#หวานใจมิวกลัฟ #MewGulf
BUT!!! at the same time gulf is being extremely mature and reasonable with his possessiveness because he knows that he's in an industry where their body is also their greatest asset and sometime it must be shown. Gulf totally have great mindset on the entire thing
and so I believe, both mg are very much understanding of eo and they tend to compromise with one another. This is what a healthy relationship looks like. I hope they really stay together for a long time. Don't be fooled, both of them definitely need each other in their lives. ❤️
also these are all just based on my personal thoughts so PLEASE no attacc uhu ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ
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