I'm exhausted and emotionally drained.

I've never produced a video and audio analysis this fast.

I did it for Aaron "Jay" Danielson.

And for @realDonaldTrump

I think he's signaling us. Since 2017, he's periodically used American flags with a gold fringe.
Watch all the conspiracy-theory LUNATICS descend all screech that this an "admiralty flag" and shows that the US is under the control of Britain.

This has actually been litigate in court.

The courts no longer hear these cases, dismissing them as madness.
You know what the gold fringe symbolizes?

Several branches of the armed forces.
The army calls it the "National Color," to be used on indoor flags and flags on parade.
Gold fringe is allowed on indoor flags used in government offices.

Since the White House is not consistent in its use of indoor flags with gold fringe, it's possible that Trump is signaling clandestine military operations.

But who knows?
I'll be back later.

I need to chill and recharge my poor batteries.

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