I think its very rational for some Americans to support Trump. If Trump brought back your manufacturing job from China for you, you should vote for him again. I understand that. 2/
If you are a millionaire and are enjoying the money that Trump gave you back with his tax cuts , I understand why you might vote for Trump again. 3/
For those who want the Supreme Court to become even more conservative, yes, I understand why you might vote for Trump, even if he himself doesn't practice the values you cherish. Its a transaction I get it. 4/
To those who think that the president has done a good job fighting the COVID virus, you should vote for Trump. I dont. But if you do, you should vote for him. That makes perfect sense to me. 5/
And I understand the motivations of all those who want jobs in the government in a new Trump administration (jobs in the "swamp" they claim to hate) Your support for Trump is rational. I get it. 6/
But if you have not obtained a new manufacturing job, are not a millionaire, dont think that repealing Roe v Wade is the most important issue now, disapprove of the way Trump has handled Covid, arent waiting for a USG job & dont think our soldiers are suckers, then speak up.
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