Having to explain to people that you can't tease the justice out out climate activism/actions makes me want to claw at my eyes.
The pandemic has not made me more patient. I'm really done with the "climate change is about me actually so we don't have time to explain climate justice."

We cannot do this if we only centre our fear and we cannot just keep yelling the same things over and over.
We must make clear the links between climate change and all of the inequities and compounded crises we're seeing now. No one message is going to get through.
Climate activists need to be out in the community supporting social justice movements because they are right in and of themselves, and because they are linked to climate.

We need to act in solidarity with marginalized, racialized, and vulnerable people.
Don't try to hijack social justice movements to be about *us* and our fear, esp if we're white, cis, ablebodied, etc.
There's a specific kind of contempt I have for privileged people who think standing on a corner yelling about how all the privileged people are going to die is a better tactic than supporting people suffering *right now*
This *gestures at everything* is all linked to climate. None of it is a distraction.
I don't know if it's because I haven't had to be physically present amongst other people in organizing spaces for SO LONG but I am not tiptoeing at the moment. I am done.
Let's multisolve this shit! đŸ˜€
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