I’m waiting for a timelapse to finish. They take about 1/2 an hour, so I’ll awkwardly process what’s happening.
We see images of climate change as an abstraction on the news; it’s somewhere else, someone else’s city or town. It’s a video & or a single image, & most of us move on.
Until it happens to your home, it’s hard to process the emotional toll the loss creates. You feel it when a wildfire rips over the landscape like a zipper in your gut.

These mountains have been relatively the same since my family started ranching here over 100 years ago.
They haven’t changed much since my parents attended MSU 60 years ago & I was born in the 80s. Even when I left for uni & worked in NYC, they’re the first glimpse of home when you return. The Bridgers were like the many ranges of MT; they had a sense of permanence to our lives.
You see them when you wake up first thing in the morning; we navigate by them; the snow tell us what the powder will be like for skiing that season—when you live in a mountain valley, the ranges around you are with you whenever you’re outside, especially at golden hour.
But like many regions in 2020, years of drought & pine beetle infestation have left the forests dry & many of the pines already dead. It was just a matter of time before something happened and they lit up like matches on dry kindling.
Some people may be lucky to move on from 2020 and the worst of the pandemic like they did 100 years ago, but we will always have this visible scar to remind us of this year.
It may be just the beginning of worse to come unless we start treating the climate crisis as an emergency.
View from #Bozeman on Night 1 #Bridgerfoothillsfire 9/5
After midnight on Night 1 of the #Bridgerfoothillsfire outside #Bozeman. This was haunting to capture in the moonlight. #SonyAlpha #Zeiss #mtnews #mtfire #wildfire #ClimateCrisis
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