Gonna eat lunch and start #LoveGuaranteed https://twitter.com/RdotSpoon/status/1302310976444796930
This features a lady lawyer so I feel like 98% of romancelandia should be on top of this. #LoveGuaranteed
She helped an injured Black man pro-bono. She's a good egg. ( I dont know her name yet) #LoveGuaranteed
She lives next door to her pregnant sister who calls her "Sis" cause they are sisters. #LoveGuaranteed
They are driving home the fact that this bitch is SINGLE and lonely. Sad wine and chinese take out and its raining. Damn this bitch is single. #LoveGuaranteed
She stepped in front of a Black man, took her coffee and said she didnt see him. That shit is accurate. Even for Rachel Leigh Cook who we love. #LoveGuaranteed
So her firm is broke cause she keeps taking pro bono work. She ignores people around her at the coffee truck, but still a good egg. #LoveGuaranteed
So he went on 986 dates and came up with nothing. Im will to bet its because of his hair line. Damon WJ should have gotten a shape up before they started filming. Just saying. #LoveGuaranteed
So he wants to sue this app. She thinks its silly. But he's a romantic looking for love damn it. i like where this is going. Dont date your clients. #LoveGuaranteed
Back to pregnant sister who hates how fat she is. Im fat but Ive never been 8 months pregnant. I have no opinions. #LoveGuaranteed
Okay. Her name is Suzy. I think. And yes I can look it up. OH HER SISTER MET HER HUSBAND ON AN APP! THE PLOT IS THICK! #LoveGuaranteed
So dating app guy will pay her and her firm needs the money bad. This is a client she may have to take! #LoveGuaranteed
She's gonna take the case ! But she just admitted to her team that she's never been on a dating app. Her team thinks she needs to do it for research. I do everything for research so i get it. #LoveGuaranteed
Nick Evans is his name. He really cares about the fraudulent claims for the app. And he promises he was a good man to all the women he dated. AND hes off to another date. Hes up to something. #LoveGuaranteed
Suzy got her first match. And found the first woman Nick dated. So much is happening! #LoveGuaranteed
Oh okay they are doing the "here are the types of ways dates can go wrong." Fake pictures, bringing the parents along, etc. #LoveGuaranteed. .
Perhaps Nick is trying to prove that love doesnt exist... THIS PLOT IS THICK! And love does exist. Dont give up, kids. Love is waiting for you. #LoveGuaranteed
Okay that was really clever though. They did a split montage of Suzy investigating and going on her own dates. I liked that. #LoveGuaranteed
Nick works a pro-bono physical therapist at the place where her first client is getting therapy. He referred Nick to Suzy cause he wants them to smooch. Also there's old Black people flirting. My favorite brand of subplot. #LoveGuaranteed
Nick is about to go on his 1000th date with Pam a school teacher. #LoveGuaranteed
Oh Nick has dad jokes. Im in love. #LoveGuaranteed
Suzy is spying on Nick and Pam. Oh this is gonna end badly. #LoveGuaranteed
Suzy just ordered extra mayo. Girl, come on. I'm trying to root for you. #LoveGuaranteed
Nick and Suzy just went on an accidental date and Nick is falling hard. I get it. She is wearing an AMAZING white coat. #LoveGuaranteed
oh. Nick calls her Suzanne. They are gonna have so many biracial babies. #LoveGuaranteed
Heather Graham owns the dating app and she has an Asia assistant and well it's getting a little racist in here. Also maybe they are making fun of Madonna and Gwyneth meshed together. #LoveGuaranteed
People, this case is going to trial. Suzy wants one million dollars. Get that money, Suzy. #LoveGuaranteed
LOL Suzy has the cassette of I Think We're Alone Now jammed in her car and it plays on repeat always. #LoveGuaranteed
NICK LOVES SUZY! #LoveGuaranteed
Nick is an ex pro athlete. PLOT. THICK. Also they got a court date. It's on! #LoveGuaranteed
Okay shes going to meet with Nick's ex to make sure there arent any skeletons. #LoveGuaranteed
Nick's ex is played by Kandyse McClure. She's stunning! #LoveGuaranteed
Nick and Suzy are flirt texting! #LoveGuaranteed
They went on another accidental date. Also Suzy orders enough Chinese food for the whole week. She might be on to something. #LoveGuaranteed
They are showing the height difference the camera work. You height difference whores will enjoy that. #LoveGuaranteed
Sister is in labor! #LoveGuaranteed
Nick is helping babysit Suzy's demonic nephew. LOL he snapped at the kid like a black mother. #LoveGuaranteed
The baby came. Suzy and Nick bonded over new baby pics and almost smooched. #LoveGuaranteed
Now they are hugging and Nick is like damn bitch you smell good. HE KISSED HER ON THE FOREHEAD!!!!! #LoveGuaranteed
Okay Suzy is in love. The dark moment is gonna break my heart. #LoveGuaranteed
YO! PLOT TWIST! I'm not gonna tweet it cause I want you guys to watch it. Law and Love. LOVE AND LAW!!!! #LoveGuaranteed
Suzy has fallen for her client. Nick has fallen for his lawyer. This is a disaster, people! #LoveGuaranteed
Suzy is breaking his heart for the case, but she talks to him about it. This is the sensible, responsible thing to do and it's killing me. #LoveGuaranteed
Also Suzy's brother in law is a sweet caring man and not some bumbling pig that her sister has to put up with. I appreciate that. #LoveGuaranteed
We're in court, people! Suzy is ready to lawyer! #LoveGuaranteed
Court Day 1 is over. Nick and Suzy are still fighting their love for each other. IT'S TORTURE! #LoveGuaranteed
Rachel Leigh Cook dramatically sobbing in her car while Tiffany is blasting is hilarious. #LoveGuaranteed
The ex is testifying! And she's rocking it on Nick's behalf. No evil ex here, honey! #LoveGuaranteed
Awww he and his ex are having a good moment. I like this shit!!!! #LoveGuaranteed
THE CONFESSION!!!!! #LoveGuaranteed
The judge is here for love! #LoveGuaranteed
You guys. This movie was so fucking cute. Im not gonna say the ending but everyone gets what they want. #LoveGuaranteed
If you havent seen FALLING INN LOVE, it's by the same writing team and is also super cute. K bye! #LoveGuaranteed
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