Anti-lockdown rallies have spread to cities across Australia - WWG1WGA! [ link THREAD ]

AUSTRALIA: Protesters have begun clashing with police #springst #maga #auspol
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Aussies protesting lockdown….I never thought I’d ever see the silent majority step up like this….

First USA stood up to the oppressive lockdown now its Australia’s turn

#springst #maga #auspol Sep 4, 2020

in victoria - military tactics to police state protest
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Anti-lockdown rallies have spread to cities across Australia, with wild scenes as police clash with unmasked protesters.
In Melbourne – where thousands of protesters descended on key landmarks across the city – protesters have clashed with officers in riot gear, police helicopters are circling overhead and a number of people have been arrested.
thousands in melborne
in melbourne - tv celebs are now joining the patriots
tv @talkRADIO show host cuts up mask
violent arrests for peacful protests in victoria
further targeting of the press post unlawful arrest - unlawful entry and harrasment
stand up Victoria
Footage has emerged of the escalating demonstration, showing attendees being tackled to the ground, while others can be heard telling officers coronavirus is a “hoax”.
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews slammed the “absolutely selfish” behaviour of those planning to attend this morning, with mounting fears the illegal protests could undo all of the state’s hard work.
“It is not safe, it is not smart, it is not law. In fact, it is absolutely selfish for people to be out there protesting,” Daniel Andrews told reporters, as Victoria reported 76 new coronavirus cases and 11 deaths.
Meanwhile in Sydney, three were arrested at an unauthorised anti-lockdown demonstration in Hyde Park, while 18 others were issued with penalty infringement notices.
Adelaide and Perth have also seen protests today – despite residents living in essentially COVID-free states. Around 200 South Australians gathered to object against government coronavirus restrictions, a possible vaccine and privacy breaches.

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what did they cop do at the black lives matter protest?
the jig is up Dan
look what just leaked
270+ aussie doctors are standing up
police state cops are now harraing the elderly
Dr. Malcom Hendricks says stop panicking irs over
freedom rally in brisbane - sept 4
brisbane freedom rally - sept 4
brisbane freedom rally - free victoria
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