Moving forward, I plan on announcing all of my accomplishments and projects with my chest. No more “I did a thing...” or “So, this happened...”

No, bitch, I worked hard and got shit done. It’s gonna be, “y’all look at how I ate this...” and “Turn to page 97 in Vogue*!!!”
*I’m not going to be in Vogue. I just couldn’t think of anything else.

Points were still made.
I am working too hard, with too much going on, to “I did a thing” ever in my life.
Please, I’m tired of humble give me brash.
Whole left arm is numb because of reasons and I’m going to use my one good hand to write, “it’s no big deal...”

I’m about to call all you “it’s no big deal” folks our.
IT IS A BIG DEAL, MY FREN! Blow your trumpet!
I was at Costco when I tweeted this so I want to expand just a little.
I said yesterday that I think about Chadwick Boseman several times a day (an hour) and the sadness has started to shift just a little bit.
Like most people, I’ve been watching his interviews and just listening to his words and watching how he moved.
There’s something that kept jumping out at me:
His humility wasn’t without confidence and his confidence wasn’t without grace.
He was a powerful and purposeful man. All the stories that I’ve read over the last week have had the same concurrent themes: purpose, elegance, kindness, power, grace, humor, pride...
I know that, in my creative life, I sometimes exude humility without confidence. I differ to humility when I should be leaning into confidence and pride. Pride at what I’ve accomplished and the work it took.
So yeah, that’s what I was thinking about, at Costco, while staring at yogurt.

I should probably speak more on it... or I could just live it.
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