Looks like NFAC has gathered at GG Moore park, just a couple of blocks north of Churchill. @WDRBNews
Closer look at NFAC group a couple of blocks from Churchill. Probably about 200 people, best guess. Most armed. @WDRBNews
It sounds like everyone is lined up to do a “weapons check” with a few leaders of the group.

“If you’re only carrying a pistol, you will not be allowed in this formation.”
Group still moving through line for a weapons check. I’ve seen Grandmaster Jay a few times on the megaphone telling people to unload their guns for the check. @WDRBNews
I’m live-streaming right now on Facebook. https://facebook.com/TravisRagsdaleWDRB/videos/635702010695802/
Grandmaster Jay calling out different states to join in this formation in the park. Largest group came from Georgia. @WDRBNews
NFAC on the move headed toward Churchill. Group just collectively loaded their weapons. Grandmaster Jay told the group to not chamber a round. @WDRBNews
NFAC out front of Churchill Downs. @WDRBNews
NFAC formation now directly in front of twin spires of Churchill. @WDRBNews
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