Tw / rape , pedophilia, ableism , racism

A long expose thread on

Tw // rape jokes , pedophilia

There are alot of minors on ed twt and also alot of sexual assault victims . Even if your ed causes you to lose braincells it's still common knowledge NOT to make rape jokes let alone about pedophilia
Tw // pedophilia

Here they're justifying their actions . They have MAPpride (minor attracted person pride) in their DN which says enough about the people who follow them aswell
Tw // rape jokes , pedophilia

Justifying their pedophilia rape jokes
Tw // ableism , racism , pedophilia, rape jokes

I have no words for this

(Screenshots aren't mine)
Tw // rape jokes , racism , ableism , pedophilia

Tw // pedophilia , rape jokes , ableism

Anyway i am giving EVERYONE exactly 24 hours from now to unfolllw them or i'm going to assume you're also a racist ableist pedophile that condones to rape jokes
Sadly there's not much anybody can do anout it except for block and report them 😕
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