Dear Alberta Parents,

The UCP government’s adventures in disaster capitalism are endangering your children.
Their failure to properly fund public schools during Covid 19 is leading to dangerous conditions in the classroom.
Here’s how:
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School boards offered an online learning option for students to learn at home during the pandemic. This led to a reduction of students in the school and lower class sizes. This was supposed to lead to safer conditions for students and teachers.
Unfortunately, it didn’t.
So, the small low-20s sized classes that were easy to distance and cohort became huge 30+ size classes crammed together, that now have to move around much more. Physical distancing and cohorting are now impossible. Many of my colleagues are reporting...
...the largest class sizes of the careers DURING A BLOODY PANDEMIC!! This is insane.
All the government had to do was fund the online teachers (they could have been subs, recent teacher graduates, teachers returning from leave), but NO, that would have been too easy.
It would have been for one year and could have been easily paid for by rescinding or lowering the massive corporate tax cut.
The thing is, they don’t want to. They want to tear down public education and this type of chaos is doing some of the dirty work for them.
The recent federal money will help, but it won’t be enough.
Kids are being put in danger because of UCP ideology. As a teacher I will not stand for that. Massive classes and more transition will lead to more transmission.
Alberta is being governed by cruel fools.
In fact, the exact opposite happened. The money attached to the students left the schools.
If 150 students left the school, that school would lose 4-6 teachers. Their classes would be collapsed and those students added to the remaining classrooms.
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