Chris Whitehall of the Griswolds is a sexual predator. This is my story.
I have far more evidence than this, but I would prefer to keep it private for the time being due to its intimate nature.
I’m still not entirely sure how old Chris is, because he told me so many different things. From what I’ve heard, I believe he’s at least a decade older than I am. Here’s an interview where he jokes about keeping his age a secret from his fan base.
My experience was a symptom of a much larger disease. The music industry perpetuates a culture of misogyny, exploitation, and sexual violence. Until we hold ourselves and our perpetrators accountable, it’s foolish to expect this to get any better.
Predatory musicians are far from the only problem. Record labels and powerful executives who turn a blind eye to red flags and continue to give a platform to abusers are just as guilty for enabling them.
Fame, money, and power erase barriers that would stand between predators and potential victims in almost any other industry.
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The following stories are only a small fraction of what’s out there. Many of these include multiple victims, non-deteriorating evidence, photos, and in several cases, police reports. You cannot deny that this problem is pervasive and dangerous.
This is not a case of a few bad apples. It is the entire music industry.
2. 16-year-old @KiraConleyy was groomed and severely emotionally abused by Kevin Ghost @itskevghost of @ghosttown. You can read Kira’s story here:
3. @AshleyPurdy of @BlackVeilBrides groomed, statutory raped, emotionally abused, and sexually coerced multiple girls, including @pearl_carolina_ and @throwupbarbie. You can find some of their stories here:
6. 16-year-old @p0kemonemerald was groomed by @BradleyWalden from the band @emarosa. Bradley was in his late twenties.
7. More than a dozen victims were groomed and raped by Austin Carlile @austincarlile from the band Of Mice And Men @OMandM and @AltPress magazine helped cover up the story. You can read more here:
9. 17-year-old @RoxyVienna was sexually assaulted by @FRONZ1LLA of @ATILLAga after being given alcohol to the point of blacking out in order to sexually coerce her into doing things she didn’t want to do. He was nearly 30 years old.
11. Two 16- to 17-year-old girls were groomed and sexually coerced by Daniel Ward of @Capsize. You can read more here:
14. 16-year-old @donasnooze was groomed by Kenny Harris of Panic! At The Disco.
17. 17-year-old Emily was groomed by 29-year-old Cole Alexander of the band Black Lips @theBlackLips. 
21. 16-year-old Julia was groomed by 22-year-old Josh Macintyre from the band @MARMOZETS for 3 years.
24. A 14-year-old child was statutory raped by a 23-year-old Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers @ChiliPeppers, who admitted to statutory raping her in his autobiography and even wrote a song about it.
I’ve heard from MANY other victims of Chris since posting this. Chris Whitehall is a serial predator. Here is just one more story of so, so many:
If you have been victimized by Chris Whitehall, the Griswolds, any bands they’ve toured or worked with—or any bands or musicians in general—please reach out to me. My DMs are open on here as well as my instagram @KellyBlaus and my email [email protected].
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