Being with my parents this week meant being at the Trump Boat Parade

This should be a thread documenting what I see.
First up here’s a picture of the boat I’m in. No Trump flags or blue line flags so I guess I’m blessed.

The amount of registered boats in this parade at lake Eufaula is 2,300 boats (!)
Boats have sung the national anthem and are off. I think 3 hours worth of driving around in store, they should drive by here in a couple hours.

Gotta wonder how much gas is being be used.
3 Biden boats reported as registered.

They’re totally chill with them being there too. But we’ll see.

Official count will be done in front of the dam, which is where we are situated.

2 boats have sank! That’s right, the water is so choppy two house boats have sank!

The water is insane and we aren’t even near the parade yet.
It’s getting really bad and they’re still maybe 30-45 mins out
Update: there is talk of shutting down the parade because too many boats are taking on water, it’s entirely a mess apparently. Reports say they are ending it. We will see.
The official Facebook page places blame on boats crossing each other at a turn.

Caused a lot of issues, the parade is officially over. They did pass in front but completely disorganized because most were bailing.
#TrumpParade at Lake Eufaula cancelled, massive amounts of disorganization, boats crossed each other, boats forgot plugs, and boats flipped and sank. Word is getting around the lake now and many are leaving the beaches to head back home. Incredibly confusing scene.
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