1) I have come to the conclusion that some of you really don't want news from conservative (i.e., honest) sites, but would rather just whine & moan about Faux News not being conservative.

2) Well, they aren't. Yes, there are some good personalities/reporters at Faux.
2) contd . . . @cvpayne @LouDobbs Steve & Peter Doocy are top notch. For commentary, while the Tuckster isn't my cup of tea, he's ok. I can't listen to Hannity any more, but every once in a while he has real information.

But others?
3) So called "reporters" like Jennycide Griffen, Brett Bayer Aspirin, Neil Computo, Bill Hemorrhage, Martha McCallump and others are utter lib tripe puckermonkeys.

4) It should not surprise any of you that Jennycide confirms an unsourced story about Trump with . . . no source.
5) Nor should it surprise you that both Computo and Bayer Aspirin REPEAT the unsourced claims and the unsourced "confirmation."

6) A legitimate news organization would have NOTHING to do with such a story. Would not even mention it because it . . .

7) Indeed, a genuine honest news organization would never, ever run any story no matter who it benefits without 2-3 NAMED sources for every quote and/or fact.

8) There is more than enough "news" on the web. Begin at http://www.freerepublic.com  or http://www.thelibertydailly.com .
9) These sites are links to others, but FreeRepublic allows comments that rip nonsense stories apart instantly.

10) Just how fast are some of these sites as fact-checkers? FreeRepublic's sleuths caught @DanRather 's lie story on George W. Bush's national guard service . . .
10) contd . . . within HOURS of him lying on camera. They tracked the so-called typewriter front to a word processor font not developed until a decade later.

11) If you can get @OANN it is exceptional.

12) But don't come on Twit & constantly whine about Faux.
13) As President Trump has told you repeatedly about the snake:

"You knew I was a snake before you took me in."
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