@Apollo_Pharmacy Got denied the SOS medicine based on this prescription. The chemist feels there is overwriting in the date. Went back to have a conversation, and they said "this is "SOS medicine" while implying I shouldn't be needing more.
Argued that "log nasha karne ke liye use karte hein" and "pehle kyu nahi li". And after a little arguing said "I will give you two meds" According to this person, they are "doing their work". So kindly clarify your policies on this matter.
Does doing your work mean policing how much anxiety I have and hence how many SOS medicines I need? Also that the doctor has recommended 4 pills/ day to be the safe number.
A lot of medicines can be used for "nasha" and self harm. What are your policies on regulating those? What are your policies on training staff while policing psychiatric medicines?
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