A couple dozen members of the “National Patriotic Defense Team” Militia are gathering about four miles from downtown #Louisville.

Another right-wing militia group is currently reportedly rallying up about ten miles away as well.

They’re currently listing emergency contacts.
One guy parked what the members called his “battle van” complete with barbed wire on the front and surrounding his belongings in the back.
The NPDT Militia is putting on orange tape armbands to differentiate themselves from other militia groups on the ground.

For the same reason, they were apparently instructed not to wear camo.

Long guns will be out downtown. For now, sidearms only.
Tara “Hoggirl” briefs her group.

“No bleeding” the safety officer offers as advice for the day.
The group has a quick prayer, asking God to prevent any “incidents” but promising they’d die for Him and America.
The group is about to start driving downtown in teams, prepping weapons first.
I’m in a vehicle now with another live-streamer, we’ll be following around the first third of the vehicles making their way downtown.
Militia is now in the move. The livestreamer driving me is #4 in line, but basically the group is caravanning, mostly with their license plates removed.

We’re basically just following, but I don’t actually know their precise destination.
The militia has arrived in downtown Louisville.
They’re rolling out soon.

I’ll be livestreaming here on @fordfischer on Twitter/Periscope and the News2Share Facebook.

While I’m livestreaming, I won’t be tweeting individual updates.

Reminder to SHARE not rip my livestream etc today.
Waiting to livestream until they move. For now, a lone police officer speaks to the militia, telling them where people can and cannot assemble.
So the group I’ve been following around basically plans to stick around at this parking lot which is behind the location of the derby on “standby” meaning that they won’t enter the action or directly confront protesters unless something happens.
The NPDT’s leader confirms that plan to me. Since this group is basically on standby, I’ll be heading right now to Cox Park where another, larger right wing militia called “Angry Vikings” (which I have not covered before) is assembling. I will livestream there, eta 20 mins.
400 or so militia activists led by “Angry Viking” here at Cox Park, Louisville.

About to livestream.
I streamed for about an hour here at Cox Park, as a few hundred militia people gathered around “Angry Viking.”

They are now caravanning to Waterfront Park, from where they say they will march to city haul. https://twitter.com/FordFischer/status/1302240069621694464
The militia groups are parking near waterfront park, but apparently heard a rumor that the NFAC is at Derby Museum. They’re trying to decide what to do.
Militia forms up on foot at Slugger Field. I’ll be going live again soon.
The militia folks marched to city hall, where they were confronted by about an even number of counter-demonstrators. Many - but not all - were armed as well. https://twitter.com/FordFischer/status/1302277884967493632
I haven’t seen the NFAC itself, which the militia was characterizing as their main enemy.

However, many pushing matches and other small violence, no arrests, shots fired, or injuries I saw, but people unholstered handguns during several confrontations. https://twitter.com/FordFischer/status/1302293727738642433
I’m currently near the NFAC and visually confirmed where they are.

I don’t want to post photo for now, they’re trying to keep press away as they gather.

I’ll be livestreaming again as more show up or anything happens. Stand by.
Still standing by, but I just wanted to say this: while no shots were fired, there were some serious lapses in gun safety today in Louisville already.

Police didn’t arrive until after fighting de-escalated on its own.

This is a photo from my DSLR. This was momentary but scary.
The NFAC is maintaining a perimeter around the park they’re at, so I’m in the car with a journalist and waiting.

I do plan to livestream when they’re in formation. Right now they’re basically waiting as members show up.
A hill separates the press from where the NFAC are forming up so it’s probably impossible to give an accurate headcount.

From a distance though, I’d say there’s about 100 of them here.
I will go live with a look at the #NFAC momentarily.
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