Thread: #TeachersDay

List of India's Education Ministers who were in charge of devising our curriculum and appointing academicians in our universities.

1. Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
2. Humayun Kabir
3. M C Chagla
4. Fakharuddin Ali Ahmed
5. S. Nurul Hasan

For the first 30 yrs of independence, Ministry of Education was under direct control of people belonging to just one faith. And it's well known about their historical inclination. Hope that explains why our curriculum starts & ends with glorifying Khiljis, Ghaznis & the Mughals.
Now wonder our great history and culture was systematically flushed down the gutters by such “academics” is reprehensible and further shows how gullible and slavish our minds have become over the course of the past millennium!
Do you really think, with these people having a monopoly on India's education ministry for the first 30 years, with Nehru as the PM for almost 20 years, Indian history would have been written any different?
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