We get 80% of our programming between conception and 3 yrs old. The energy/experienced we have then shape who we are for the rest of our lives.

Gen z was in that age bracket during 9/11. Children born between 1997-2003 had this energy completely effect their utero/childhood
I find it fascinating that this generation panics about these major world events meanwhile maintaining a, “it is what it is,”attitude because this gen’s bodies were literally formed in chaos & extreme fear of the unknown.Physically, mentally, spiritually, they were molded by this
They came into physical existence in America just as the American Dream of safety & security fell apart.

I also find it fascinating that most of this generation is currently all together, in college during a worldwide pandemic. Again, the regular college dream stopped w/ them.
There is no safety in America with generation z. Their entire high school experience was plagued by school shooters across the nation. School used to be safe. Church isn’t safe, Clubs aren’t safe. Not even college is an escape, because now there’s a worldwide pandemic.
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