Holy HELL this pregnancy! "Kid Gloves" by Lucy Knisley should be given to anyone who says "Pregnancy is not an illness" with the undertone of 'and thus a pregnant woman doesn't need any accommodation at all'.
There's a big chance they'll read it, since a lot of people think comics are easier to read (and compared to deeply scientifical texts they're right). The bright colours and the no nonsense telling will help.
There are a lot of good research and facts in this book, so you'll do the world a favour giving it to someone in denial over pregnancy and accommodation. In fact it should be read by almost everyone. Save for people who want to get pregnant but are afraid of pregnancy and birth.
I need to repeat that: If you want to have a kid, but are afraid of pregnancy or giving birth you should skip this book. The reason is that the problems Lucy Knisley encountered during her pregnancy (depicted in the book) were spread over ten people in my circles.
(And holy HELL the US healthcare system! The Swedish healthcare system is an empty shell, compared to what it used to be, but even so she'd gotten treatment a lot earlier.)
Anyway, if you're not part of the exception group I mentioned earlier, read "Kid Gloves" by Lucy Knisley. You'll be a better person for it - and have a good cry.
(You can mark this thread as the first one where I don't censor a swear word. I only do so online when I really mean it.)
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