Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary

It's officially been #1YearWithAvalon!
1 year since we pitched our concept of Paradise...
Time flies, huh?
1 year ago today, the Avalon team got together to pitch our game; #DontStopTheParty!
It was an ambitious and distinct concept, and everyone even dressed up for the occasion in a show of 'team unity.'

📸: @cyrannx
The game was also vastly different; with each character having 2 forms at one point (???) and multiple stages (???) and it was a 3 on 1 with some mechanical inspiration from the game Soul Sacrifice. It was... Definitely different.
Then it was topped off with "we want to work in UE4, even though none of us have worked with it before 🥰" aiyo
The characters were also pretty different!

Fay wasn't designed, Lon didn't exist, and only Delilah's concept was nailed near-completely. Cain and Clark had space to grow and change (and they did!)
After the pitch was successful, we had to hunt down a new mentor because all of the mentors we had named were unavailable for assorted reasons. In the end, we got Mr. Jeremy - also known as the lead designer for the Simulacra series of games. We had weekly meetings with him!
The characters' characterization was pretty firm early on, though.

🎨: @sophiedotedu / @marudotcool
We did have to play with colours quite a bit, though!

🎨: @MoAriffin
Everyone had an alt form because of the narrative at that time... Die die.
Also, behold: Potato Cain. 😩

Tagging @JL_icious because he should see this.
While listing down Clark's ulti, for some reason we couldn't remember the term 'ground pound'.........
Our production pipeline originally needed full diagrams of the characters' states and movements. After this though, it was no longer necessary.

🎨: @MoAriffin
Lon wasn't actually designed until @sophiedotedu was in talks with @UncleAliVA and he asked if there was a design... We all were eating and panicked for a minute.

@erickritcherlim and Sophie turned to @MoAriffin & said "fourth kind meets present mic from bnha" and Lon was born.
programming dot png
Character select screen was slower, but more cinematic before. You might remember this from our old build!
Only one fear: Clark's hands.

🎨: @erickritcherlim
And as you guys know: during the last push of development, suddenly we all went into lockdown and had to work remote... Of course, just a few months prior, we had discovered we work really well when physically in the same space... Aduh.
So after about 6 months of hardcore dev time, we did it. And you can play it!

#DontStopTheParty is a 4-player brawler at a party known as paradise.
You can DL it free at

Check it out! Thank you!
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