ready to join me stalk on mewgulf's ig from time before they met ?

Let's see what things they posted on the same days 💁🏻‍♀️

-MG ig stalking thread-
May 28, 2013

22 yo mew 15 yo gulf
Jan 11, 2014

MG: *posting pics of days when they were babies

note: Jan 11, children's day in Thailand
24 October, 2014

one sitting with friends while the other's sitting alone

23 yo mew 16 yo gulf
Jan 10, 2015

baby mew & teenager gulf: 😀
Sept 12, 2016

these guys in white 😍
Sept 25, 2016

Jan 2, 2017

M: *pic with sis in Japan
G: *ig caption: I miss you

the way they had no clue about eo's existence but their caption/pic matches as if gulife's misses his phi who's traveled to Japan...I'M WHEEZING 😂😂😂
Jan 14, 2018

almost a year left till they meet
March 24, 2018

MG: 👀

me: is there anything on that right corner you two are looking at? 😂
July 26, 2018

is this mewgulf before meeting eo or musician tharn & football player type before meeting eo??? I cannot tell anymore. FATE.
and then 7 months later they met ^^

end of thread~

Hope you enjoyed it kaa🙈♥️
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