Alabama is another step closer to spending at least 2.6 billion on building three new prisons for men. I have never seen people so happy to spend this much money on a plan that doesn’t solve the problem, creates generational debt, and doesn’t buy us anything at all. #alpolitics
Let’s get a few things out of the way. You are going to hear that we are signing a 30 year lease. We aren’t. We can’t. It’s illegal. So instead, this “arrangement” is going to be a series of 30 1 year leases that will have to be renegotiated every year. #alpolitics
At the end of the 30 1 year leases (assuming we make it that far) we won’t own anything. We will neither own the prison nor the land they sit on. 2.6 billion and we won’t have anything to show for it. #alpolitics
Since we don’t and won’t ever own the prisons, we won’t really have much control over them. @ALCorrections is going to tell you that they are going to control the buildings. Its hogwash. Please don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe. #alpolitics
Think about it. Can you tell your landlord what you are going to do with their property? Do you think that they are going to let us intentionally overcrowd or understaff their facilities? Short answer? Hell no. Anything stupid happens and their liable not us. #alpolitics
We have already demonstrated rather effectively that we don’t have any idea how to manage our criminal justice system. Our entire system is mismanaged and corrupt. Do you really believe that they are going to allow us to have complete control over their facilities? #alpolitics
As soon as the we cut the ribbons, our system will still be ridiculously overcrowded. Once the new prisons open, old ones will be closed. So, when someone tells you that this will help with overcrowding, don’t believe it. It’s just hype. We aren’t increasing capacity. #alpolitics
And what about Tutwiler?? Apparently we have 2.6 billion dollars to spend but nothing for the oldest facility we have. We don’t even have a plan. You don’t believe me? Ask them. I guess we will get around to it at some point before Tutwiler turns 100 years old. #alpolitics
It is going to take three years to build these prisons. I’m still trying to figure out what is going to happen until then. Alabama has one of the most corrupt, abusive, and mismanaged criminal justice systems in the country. New buildings isn’t going to fix that. #alpolitics
Building new prisons is not #CriminalJusticeReform. If we were really serious about this, instead of building new prisons, we would be changing leadership of ADOC, Pardons and Paroles, and replacing every member of the three member board starting with the Chair. #alpolitics
But at the very least, Gov. Ivey needs to appoint an emergency parole board that will be charged to do the job the current board appears to be unwilling to do. @ABPPalabamagov is in absolute disarray and we are all suffering because of it. That board needs to go. #alpolitics
With all that being said, this is a bad plan. It has been said before but it is worth saying again. We will not be able to build our way out this mess. There is nothing innovative or bold about building new prisons. As I said before, new buildings, same old problems. #alpolitics
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