Oh and remember when Kelly called Rob Porter—who choked, dragged and punched two former wives—“a man of true integrity and honor”?

And counseled him to weather “the storm,” as if his violent crimes were just a PR setback?
Oh & remember when Kelly was so bloodthirsty at Gitmo that he defied his commander-in-chief President Obama, saying Obama was too “politically correct” to torture people the right way? And then Kelly commenced force-feeding & solitary confinement for people held without charges?
Passing off sadism, misogyny and racism as as patriotism, or “integrity and honor”—as Kelly did with Rob Porter—and as some are now doing with Kelly himself—is a time-tested trick in military honor culture. But it’s worn thin.
Each separate act of cruelty by this administration has been independently unspeakable.

Each of the victims—Myeshia Johnson, Rep. Wilson, Jennifer Willoughby, Colbie Holderness, & on & on—deserves restitution. To have their story told. And the victims are numberless.
I hope someday the country will compensate all the Vindmans and Johnsons and Blasey-Fords whom the Trump administration has tried to leave for dead.

And that biographers will recognize that it’s their courage & sacrifices—and not Kelly’s—that need to be written into history.
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