#Bollywood m0r0ns r the biggest traitors of India & Indians
Bollywoodians with Annel Mussarat & Nabeel Mussarat Pakistani business brothers who have very close connection with ISI & Park army
If these pictures to be believed, it seems every one from #Bollywood is
competing to be with them & photographed
Poor soldiers are bleeding at the borders & these guys have only one aim enjoy with Enemies for personal gains
Disgusting Bollywood’s P@kistan love!
It’s upon us citizens to reclaim & make “Hindi film industry” once again attain glory
Gutter called #bollywood
Even Akshay Kumar !!
That's even more existing
Let's not leave him alone with our PM again!!
All traitors in one frame
Where are we heading nurturing these traitors
They are inturn helping our enemies?
Don't think it's a photo
It's endorsing friendship ..
Who is this Mullah?!
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