Minister @Godahbarre argues as a national minister his ministry must lead the education sector; #Puntland as a state of federal #Somalia ran its education for decades & wants national gov to enhance its efforts not impede it;

As a result students in Puntland are suffering
Both #Puntland & the federal education ministry have a point; but as policies must serve the interest of citizens & most vulnerable & promising segment at that (students in this case) Minister @Godahbarre should make concessions & assent to Puntland managing its education;
To forge a coherent national education policy, the constitutional review process must address jurisdiction & who ought to run education;

Canada, a federal state that @Godahbarre is familair with, provinces like Puntland manage the education portfolio & the system works well;
In reality it does not matter who manages education —federal ministry or regional ministry — what matter is that the system in place is effective & efficient;

To give education a national character the federal government could give resources to states & monitor & evaluate it
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