I've been asked to elaborate on my thoughts with Kagerou Project and Shrek having strikingly similar themes and character arcs, so here we go. (1/4)
Shrek, having lived his entire life hunted and harassed by humans, lived comfortably in his swamp alone, like Marie who, after losing his mother to the sudden onslaught of humans, never left her house again. What causes these two individuals to leave their homes eventually (2/4)
are outside forces. For Shrek it is the unwarranted arrival of other magical creatures in his swamp, and for Marie it is the arrival of Seto Kousuke. Seto's character arc parallels that of Princess Fiona, both who had seen themselves as monsters and were only able to come (3/4)
to love themselves is through meeting another person like them, a 'monster'. I'm too tired to continue this thread lol pls take it as it is @nemurasenight (4/4)
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