1/ Supporter of @berniespofforth who is skeptical about mask use. After a long debate on how we should follow Gov advice on masks as supported by CDC, WHO, many Govs he says on guidance of non-medical mask use in the general population is misguided and:
2/ When I ask for some of the 'plenty' of evidence - he doesn't provide any and says I should have heard of it before saying what the harmful effects were:
3/ After many tweets trying he finally says he does not have evidence. So I ask him to retract the assertion that non-medical masks for the general population cause harm:
4/ He does not correct his assertion and doubles down saying 'nothing misleading' even though he admitted not having evidence and still propagating incorrect information about masks being harmful.
5/ To assist in the obfuscation he says I am not answering his questions even though have answer many with links and evidence - see for yourself: https://twitter.com/Scott12Colin/status/1301063529336799232?s=20
6/ This is why the propagation of misinformation especially with deadly consequences is so important to counteract.

Was an interesting but exhausting exercise.
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