Almost every day, I am asked about the Russian vaccine.

Lots of questions of whether we should "take it" or not.

My answer has been -- no idea -- haven't seen the data.

Now we have data!

So let's look at the data -- what does it tell us?


Two vectors, 76 patients

Relatively young, healthy patients in 2 hospitals

And bottom line is largely positive:

Recipients generated humoral (antibodies) and cellular (T cells) immune response

Lots of side-effects (fevers, pain) but nothing serious.


Bottom line:

We do NOT know if Russian vaccine is safe (small, short-term study only) or effective (does it prevent infection or severe infections)?

Russians "approved" vaccine without knowing if it worked/was safe

This study is good -- but doesn't answer those questions

Russia approving vaccine without Phase 3 trial irresponsible

We should ensure we don't follow same path

Am hopeful Russian vaccine will eventually be deemed safe/effective

World needs all the vaccines we can get

Science moving fast. Let's do it right -- wait for the data

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