How is blackmail used?

First note the exact same wording on these posts match posts dating back to at least 2006... for Republican names only. Seems MediaMatters and ActBlue hired quite a few trolls to push the narrative of GOP skeletons. Never looking in the mirror of course.
No, the list isn't from the Maxwell files... not sure who put the original list together, but there's also a at least 3 wiki pages on this topic.

Note: none of the lists are complete, and many include "conspiracy theory" pushed by both sides. Key though, sex is a political tool.
The one thing we noticed is how incomplete the information we dug in. What follows are tables detailing what we found for each person.

Charles Wade helped organize both the Ferguson & Baltimore BLM riots. His case was pushed to the MD Circuit Court.
Morrissey bragged he had sex on the conference room table "AND THEN ON THE FLOOR FOR GOOD MEASURE!“ he gave his victim $70 for a morning after pill.

His attorney, John McMahon, said that this case has been difficult because he "has known the good that (Nelson) has done.“
Christopher Wright: Mayor of Dawson. The female victim, testified that Christopher Wright came to her home in 2012 to visit Milton Johnson, and she performed sex acts with Wright, under order of Milton Johnson.

Sound familiar?
Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva was formally sentenced to one felony conflict-of-interest charge that closed a three-year financial-malfeasance, and sentenced Silva to 90 an alternative work program.
Additionally, Silva was ordered to pay $19,783 in restitution, 3 years of formal probation and given a lifetime ban on owning guns or ammunition. He directed $5,000 in public money from a mayoral discretionary fund to the Kids Club of Stockton before leaving office in 2013.
Cohen was hospitalized and placed in psychiatric care after investigators removed a state-issued computer from his legislative office they said was used to store child porn. Can you say handily gotten rid of?
Asia Argento was in a relationship w/Fabrizio Corona who got 1 year for celebrity blackmail.👈Argento, was dating Bourdain. Bourdain's close friend Boulud believes he died of a broken heart 'I don’t know exactly but I know what he did was something that was a shock to everyone'
Are you getting the picture yet? Sex is a political tool... do as you're told or else...
Jacko is interesting...well, not really, you've heard the story before. There was a Senate censure, he apologized, went for alcohol treatment in Seattle. More victims came out of the woodwork...he resigned, his aide files for his seat and lost. Obviously Dems wanted him gone!
Last of the Democrats, 46 in total. Next up, the Republicans.
The Republicans, 43 names. The names in the posts rarely give a complete picture. ex., Strom Thurmond - he had a child w/a 15-year old black girl yet NOTHING came out about it until after his death. What's his claim to fame? The longest filibuster in history...over civil rights?
Sen Shortey... definitely worth looking into. A Trump supporter, also a bit of a "loud mouth" where Planned Parenthood is concerned. He said at the time that the plea deal was in the best interest of him and his family... what do you think of his story?
Here's Edison MISLA-ALDARONDO's case...

Pastor Hintz, accused in 2004, no case info found... but hey, he "urged teens to avoid pursuing romantic relationships in favor of getting closer to God"...
Lukens proves the truth about the lack of accountability enables greater crimes.

Delgaudio... used one's poverty to his advantage... but only got probation.
Grethen was to be honored as "Republican of the Year" in 2001...serving 23 years for forcible sodomy among other things. judge refers to him as a "prolific litigator" because he's been challenging every thing through the courts...including his ex-wife's final decree of divorce!
Patt - case still pending before the courts. This one's huge... he was part of a sting operation where 36 were arrested... they passed around a video of a 5-yr old being raped... FIVE YEARS OLD!!! We know what this one's about... right?
Hathaway reads like a political hit job from start to finish.
White was sentenced to jail, but I can't find out for how long.
Kimmerling He served 16 of a 40-year sentence... He was rearrested in Apr 2019 for molesting 4 other children...THAT case is currently before the court.
Jon Matthews... another winner.
Paul Ingram... "repressed memory syndrome." This poor man. We'll talk more about this later.

Westmoreland looks like yet another political hit job.
I have to say, some of these cases you need to shower after going through the information, others you can't help but wonder who they pissed off!
But when you can find no civil cases for some of these accusations, you can't help but question.
Oh yea, the rows highlighted in green are "anomalies." For example, Harris, it's an obvious political hit job, but the public information is so confusing... says he was convicted, but we can find nothing other than "election fraud issues" on his Wiki.
Dasen... served 2 years... for disgusting schtuff, including "sexual shows" with "a handful of children" under 17.
and the last one, Jon Grunseth... please read this one.
Anyway, did you happen to notice the number of "crimes" where the charges never went anywhere? If you are in a position of authority and you KNOW about such abuse and don't report it, YOU TOO are guilty. All positions of public trust are mandated reporters.
How many of you remember the DC Madam? The guy who ran the Gay Escort Service in DC... it blew up in the 90s. This 200 page book is a page turner documenting government malfeasance and the role of blackmail in American Politics.
I took some of the information off the Amazon site and added it here, the guy writing this knew what he was talking about. Well worth the time it takes to read these next two slides.
Reminder, Vinson was put behind bars, not once, but TWICE! The lengths they go to in DC to protect the guilty is stunning!
That brings me to this... ever hear of "Sacred Prostitution"?

How about "Flirty Fishing"?

"The Family"?


Well surely you've heard about "False Memory Syndrome"... did you know it's also a foundation?
What if I were to tell you it was all connected to the C_A?

Ok, so that may not be news... but I do think what Q was all of this comes together.
Let's talk about "Sacred Prostitution" it goes back to the Hittites and Phoenicia... it's the practice of sex being performed in the context of "religious worship"

FYI: MANY "religious" groups sprung up in the 70s... where most, if not all, used sex as a form of "worship."
The more "modern views" led to the practice of "flirty fishing" saying it was "an enormous source of self-esteem" and a "model of sex positivity" for "sex workers."

FF required women to "offer" themselves to men... IOW entrap them. They even collected weekly stats on it!
Anyway, by the 80s, they had a problem. Protection wasn't used at a time when HIV was showing its ugly head.... not to mention the hoards of children who didn't know who their daddy was...

These people are SICK!
To handle the babbies without daddies thing, they wrote a cartoon series called "Life with Grandpa"

Oh these poor children...
Reminder, sex is a form of "worship"... SO, they start training their children early, very early... as in statutory rape early.

Because you know, "lovemaking is a reward" of [their] god's love...

Is it any wonder this worldwide pedophilia and trafficking ring is so large?
Now, there are many groups that practice this horrid stuff, let's just look at one of them.

Zerby runs "The Family International" started off as "Children of God" ... it was started by David Berg, he eventually became her husband until his death in 1994 when she took over.
She had a son... no, by from Berg... but by a man named "Carlos" from the Canary Islands... (did you read that comic book slice I provided earlier?)
Well, Ricky figured out what was going on... he committed suicide in 2005. Here's his story. It's truly sad.
Needless to say, many of the children started to figure things out as they came of age...Many left the "collective"...There were enter the psychopaths... I mean, psychologists. Their job was to defend these "fringe" religions and blame the kids for "false memories".
Ralph Underwager created "False Memory Syndrome Foundation"...defacto credibility....right.

He said: "scientific evidence" proved 60% of all women molested as children believed the experience "good for them." He also said it was “God’s Will” when adults had sex with children.
Oops, forgot the slide
But wait, it gets better... he created the foundation WITH US Government Intelligence Agents!!!

Remember the "conspiracy program" called the "The Finders"?

I know you get the picture here...right?
Like I said, I only outlined one group... there are many.

What they do though is pass around the "scholarly" information when it's needed... namely in court.

Before FMSF, there were may be 200 cases worldwide... now there's an estimated two million or more "documented" cases.
And you paid for it...
Remember this? Get it now?

"Rule of Law" works beautifully when you're free to do what's needed to enforce it.
So, when Q asked why it took a political outsider to finally confront China, the answer is simple....he can't be blackmailed or otherwise compromised! He's free to do what others haven't been able to do for decades!

His love for America is such, he risked EVERYTHING to do this!
All those 'good' people had their chains cut! And the decoupling up can began...
Have you ever wondered how they found all these cases? Who are all the whistle blowers? There have been 199,613 sealed indictments since Oct 2017...That's YUGE! And they go into every state in the nation. That's a lot of handcuffs removed...just saying.
Here's 4 more maps showing all the cases.
- human trafficking
- pedophilia
-Public Corruption

This is a MASSIVE undertaking! So please, be patient, LOTS has been happening.
This is why all the noise against QAnon... the more stuff comes out (and there's been plenty) the more they go after the movement.

Ever tell a child no, they can't do something? What do they do when your back is turned?

I've heard many say, "what's this all about anyway?"
Of course, their seemingly stupid behavior gives us some really meme worthy topics to pass around. You know, memes that say it all with pictures and few words.
The sad part is, for all the wrangling, more children are being victimized. Imagine if...

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