I'm gonna throw two things your way.

1) Unbelievably cute kitten video

2) A tirade

Unfortunately, we start with 2.

I know the world doesn't need another middle-class cisgendered privileged white male to say shit about shit, but there's an idea that's sort of breaking me.
You exist.

Your right to exist is exactly the same as everyone else's.

So the circumstances of your birth should not dictate your expectation of happiness, freedom or fulfilment. You are here by the same biological lottery as anyone else.
So, shouldn't we be working towards a world of equity? Any system that provides these things for very few is broken, right?

We're burning the planet beneath us, poisoning the sky above us and plasticising the water that makes us.
We have madmen, corporate shills and psychopaths governing us - who do so whilst laughing directly in our faces. Their contempt for us could not be clearer.

Our response? In fighting, blaming, smearing, yelling - all while actual fascists grow ever bolder and more powerful.
The culture, now, of fear and distrust has been whipped up by those who know there is profit in fear.
What do we do? They seem to have everyone duped. The lies on Facebook, the nutjob streamers, propoganda news... any semblence of truth is lost in the miasma of hokum and fakery.
The truth is just a few thumb taps away, yet it reads like nonsense to them. Their minds are made up - and any attempt to convince them that a fairer, diverse, tolerant society is better all-round is seen as - what? libtardism? snowflakery? trigger-nomincs? What do we do?
It is only love that will save us.


I have to believe that the last few million people alive get their shit together in time, but, who knows?
This could all be for nothing. The human race, run. A few scraps of us will hurtle about the universe for a while, but other than that? Ă‘ada. Zip. Zero.

No Fifth Element. No Moon. No Star Trek.

But not if we work together.
We must, urgently, reorganise wealth and resources in order to rebalance our climate. This lockdown has given some indication of how quickly the planet responds when we make big changes. We must now prioritize those changes.
This country has - and welcomes - some of the worlds great engineers. Sustainable solutions to many of our big problems have been found but under utilised. That must now change.

The lives of our great-grandchildren may well depend on it.
I really don't see that this point of view should be in any way contraversial. It will be, but the proof is out there. Citizens of countries with a high top rate of tax report higher levels of happiness.
They tend to be more connected to the society around them, enjoy better public services and pay less for utilities. That is obviously the way to go, but the powers that be have mugged everyone off.
They stand to make ever more billions throughout our imminent economic collapse, and will still be instructing their news empires to convince us all (thus setting the news agenda and framing the national conversation) that this is good for us. That it's all worth it.
During 'the age of austerity' the rich got richer.

Neither forget nor deny that.
Your hospitals didn't just disappear. Your nurses training money didn't just vanish. Or your working salary for Junior Doctors. Or your properly funded schools. Or your library. Or your free university tuition. Or your Mental Health Services. Or your Pension.

They nicked them.
With tax shelters and shady schemes, they siphoned off more than their share. They sold out our public services and creamed off the profits. They imported sweat shop clothing. Or were paid it in interest by banks that their great²-grandad originally deposited, having been a ****.
When will it ever change? It would take a revolution - and if you call for one of those they lock you up.

So - what the fuck, eh?

What the fuck are we meant to do?
And now...

.... when my phone gets enough charge to reboot and upload....

.... ahem ....
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