The Democrat candidate for President & multiple liberal vet groups had ads written, directed & produced - with the ad buy (!) within minutes of this alleged Trump quote dropping.

My production team is *really* fast.

This is impossible.

It’s almost as if they knew it was coming
These photos were taken in 2016.
Joe Biden had been Vice President for 8 years.
This is what our Armed Services were reduced to under his leadership.
Our service members forced to kneel before our terrorist enemies.
Joe has never apologized to them.
Joe will let this happen again
So you’re telling me the guy who was VP when we left Americans to die in Benghazi & lied about it, the guy who was VP when ISIS formed, the guy who oversaw the largest funding of a terror state in history (Iran Deal) - this guy is accusing Trump of not respecting our troops?

Multiple administration officials who were there, including John Bolton who is a frequent critic of the President, have gone on the record saying that this story is completely false.

No one believes “anonymous sources” you pathetic, desperate colluding with the DNC press hacks.
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