pretty weird chyron for a story your own outlet has confirmed key details of
this is the strongest chyron Fox has run and it doesn't do @JenGriffinFNC's reporting justice. what info does "COMMANDER IN CHIEF" relay to viewers? how are viewers supposed to know what the vietnam quote is?
After presenting the denials of The Atlantic story, and then @JenGriffinFNC's reporting, @BretBaier says, "Thought we we lay all of that out for you at home to make a decision."
Just remarkable that after Fox's own reporter *CONFIRMS* key details of The Atlantic's report, this is the headline on the network's website.
Congrats to PR professionals! Any time Fox reports something from now on, I guess you get to demand the headline reflects the denial versus the outlet's actual reporting!
Fox now running this chyron. C'mon @BretBaier, you're supposed to be a newsman! Your own outlet has confirmed key details of the report!
Have you ever seen an outlet work so hard to undermine / discredit its own reporting?
another chyron from the 7pm hour -- worth noting that this is purportedly one of Fox's hard-hitting "straight news" shows, not opinion programming
Fox anchor @JonScottTV allows Trump comms director @TimMurtaugh on the show to attack the reporting as "fake" without once pushing back and noting that Fox has *confirmed* some of the very reporting he's bashing
Apologies here. Meant to tag @JonScottFNC who tossed the softballs, not @JonScottTV!
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