ADHD is probably the most common disability universities need to accommodate, & they mostly just don't. 1 student after another falls on the same problems, bc of the same core features of the disability, & as far as I can tell most universities' plan for them is failing them out.
Lots of universities have policies where students that officially withdraw get a W and no GPA hit, but those that fall off the map but don't press the "withdraw" button effectively get an F, shuffling them below GPA reqs & out of the university.
Students whose brains are working ok can realize that they're not finishing the course and take the basic steps to withdraw! Who gets this penalty other than students with uncontrolled ADHD or mental illness
It's normal for students with ADHD to struggle to complete papers on time, and also normal for them to not get *any accommodations for it,* because disability offices don't want to give them accommodations granting extensions bc work can pile up and never get done.
There are other accommodations they could get, if schools were like... trying. A basic one is help from instructors in breaking long assignments into parts, with different due dates for different parts. There are also things like reduced length, and just alternative assessments.
There's surely other stuff, idk I'm not the specialist! But I know that when students with ADHD are getting extended time for exams & literally nothing for papers, when so many students with ADHD struggle to complete them, that's... a problem?
ok here's something you can actually do: if you're a student with ADHD, and you think you'd benefit from help breaking a long assignment into concrete chunks, that is something it is completely appropriate to ask for help with during office hours
Another accommodation I've thought could work for some students is timed essay exams instead of normal essays.
this is the handout from a presentation I did for new TAs in my department about students with disabilities, it's a few years old and I wish it had more about accommodating issues with papers in advance but maybe useful to some people 
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