. @GASecofState wants 2 force all in person voters to use touchscreen voting machines that put votes into QR codes. In the event of a recount, the QR code is still considered the actual vote, not the human readable text beneath it.

The hearing to ban this system is 9/10-9/11. 1/
. @CoalitionGoodGv filed the lawsuit seeking to ban Georgia’s awful new QR code touchscreen voting machines and use #HandMarkedPaperBallots instead. 2/
3/ The hearing is:

Sept 10th, at 1:00pm Eastern & Sept 11th, 10:00am Eastern.

Members of the public can and should attend via ZOOM to show the court they care about fair elections.
Meeting ID: 160 171 9231
Passcode: 413818

Call in by phone (Audio Only) +16692545252
5/ video in post 1 by George Balbona. GIF in post 2 by @JimHWhitelaw.
7/ BTW, the guy in post 1 is David Worley, a Democrat, who is complicit in forcing this awful system on the pubic. It is my understanding that @GeorgiaDemocrat
did not oppose the system either, tho they have recently (post primary) sued to have #HandMarkedPaperBallots as backup.
8/ Worley, a Democrat, sits on the state election board. As I said, he is complicit.
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