PCOS feels like a life long monster to battle. But what failed Indian women is the doctor community that doesn't treat PCOS like the hormonal problem it is that a girl has to bat8her whole life & instead treat it only as a fertility issue.R https://twitter.com/Saisailu97/status/1301940382901702659
Early diagnosis and counseling to induce life style changes is so important when it comes to PCOS. Yet doctors care a damn. They tell young girls it isn't much of a problem & could be dealt with "in the future when she wants kids".
Meanwhile girls battle a gamut of issues like weight gain, obesity, depression, bloating, hirsutism, horrible cystic acne, permanent scarring, hair loss, pigmentation, you name it. They go on the occasional cycle pills & stay depressed about their condition all their life.
Young girls & women are only now beginning to understand the ways to deal with PCOS through physical & mental forms of lifestyle changes which include dietary changes, regular workout & mental health. Coz left to gynaecologist their health never mattered above their fertility.
Let us spread the word this month on PCOS. Our girls deserve better support early on so they lead much healthier & fulfilling lives. & doctors need to stop seeing this as only a fertility issue and counsel women early on to adapt the lifestyle changes (only way) to battle PCOS.
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