Here are some of the facebook accounts created by CLS Strategies to spread misinformation in support of the Añez government & putsch in #Bolivia

My fav:

"Camacho Lovers Santa Cruz"
This Stanford report lays out how it works, very cool, and they show how the fake accounts were run by various CLS employees.
And it all comes down to dog food with political logos in the stratospheric heights of power:
And here's the report. Thanks to this team for this work.

And here's @CLSStrategies spinning their own spin. "Past work"? It was yesterday. The pages had managers in the US, so that seems "foreign" to me; and "advertising"? What is this mish-mash? I strive to raise decent children. What were your parents doing?
Here was CLS Strategies "team" yesterday (34) vs. today (28).

That's a quick reduction in personnel. Feierstein disappeared fast, and others whose names are salpicado in that report.
cc: @AndeanInfoNet
Wayback machine wins again.
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