My wife and I were selected for the City of Los Angeles’ Emergency Rental Assistance Program. I provided all necessary documents & assumed we were good to go for September. Just found out TODAY we’re ineligible bc my corporate landlord can simply OPT OUT of the program. Unreal.
For some godforsaken reason, sending a cash payment to the tenant is not an option under the ERAS program, so tenants are completely at the mercy of their landlord. And my corporate landlord, Excel Residential Services, is as cruel and sociopathic and you’d expect.
So now the rent we don’t have is due, and for over a month we’ve been under the impression that @LACity was going to pay it.

This amount of disdain this shithole country has for its poorest citizens will never cease to amaze me.
Basically the entire program was another neoliberal sham: a landlord bailout program that they could easily opt-out of if they simply didn’t want to accept the basic tentant protections that came with it. And our landlord is far more interested in evicting us than accepting them.
Fuck you @MayorOfLA.
Fuck you @LACity.
Fuck every member of our bought-and-paid-for city council, including our councilman @MitchOFarrell.
Fuck congressional leadership (of both parties) for allowing PUA to expire.
And, most importantly, fuck you Excel Residential Services
To be clear: our landlord would have been paid the rent IN FULL by the City of LA w federal stimulus money by now. But they decided NO, they would rather evict us & profit off it. I want everyone who reads this to think very critically about the system that allows this to happen.
Fuck. I never wanted to do this. But

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Under every post about rent relief you’ll find the same bootlickers groaning about how LaNdLoRdS hAvE BiLLs tO pAy ToO. But my experience shows that for landlords it’s not just about paying bills; it’s about bleeding every single cent they can out of people to line their pockets.
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