Why you should vote for Yang Jungwon ; a thread
Since the first episode, he already showed us his talents. Let me elaborate. His vocals. Ik we are all amazed by jungwon's vocals. When he performed "All i wanna do" in ep1, we can clearly tell that he has a really stable vocals, and a unique voice that will really captures +
Everyone's attentions, the viewers attention. His voice is one of a kind. The second performance. When they performed "into the iland" jungwon's voice really stand out and we all know why. His voice is really special thae even when there are lots of trainees singing you can +
Easily distinguish his voice. He doesn't have that lots of lines but he really stood out. The emotions while he's singing is something to be compliment of. You can see that he's dancing right? Some ppl's vocals isn't stable when they're dancing and we all know that having a +
Stable voice while dancing like this is really hard for some. But jungwon slayed it. He has a really great stable vocals. But even tho he dod a great job, he gpt a low score that even caused him to be sent to the ground but K saved him. K saved him because he believes that +
Jungwon has a great potential. And yes, K isn't wrong. After K saved him from getting sent to the ground we got to see mpre of jungwon's talents and potential. We gpt to see jungwon in the representative unit. Jungwon said that it's time for him to save thwir team because the +
Team saved him. And jungwon proved it. He saved their team. They won. If it wouldn't be for jungwon the team may lose but jungwon did his best and showed us a great performance. Remember when rain told jungwon that he was surprised that jungwon is a good dancer? Hearing +
Compliments from someone like rain is really an honor. Rain recognizes his dancing skills.

We've seen jungwon put alot of efforts each performance. He practiced hard to improve himself more and more. He got great feedbacls from the pds. He have grown so much since ep1 +
See this? This is yang jungwon. He won in the dance battle so he became the I need U team's leader and he led his team really well without pressure. This has to be said, that he is a really good leader too +
This video is everywhere and always in our tl. Yeah we are all whipped for him. U hear the vocals? Yes. jungwon did that. Se can't move on from this clip because hearing this is like being in heaven. His voice is really angelic wbk. Jungwon did really great in this performance.
He got a great stable vocals, an angelic and unique voice, he is a really great dancer as well but what makes him even special is his personality. He is everyone's babie. He lights up the world with his pure and genuine smile. He is heeseung's twin, sunghoon's younger brother, +
Every trainee loves him and he loves them too. Jungwon may be just a 16 yrs old boy but he is really mature inside. He thinks like an adult. He thinks deeply and cares for everyone. He is a good boy. He is an angel. He never harms anyone. +
This boy is really essential on the group that will make a debut. He is a gem. So please, please include him in your votes and let's give him back his debut badge! Edens, let's work harder and give him what he deserves!
There are still much more reasons on why you should vote for him and why he should be in the debut lineup but as we've seen abt him so far, he already proved tonus that he deserve to debut and he really does, right? Jungwon will keep growing and will make much more great +
Performances in the future so let's all help him achieve his dreams and let's support and root for him until the end! Jungwon debutation!! 💙🧡
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