This is the thread where I'm going to compliment every current soap actor. I've been thinking about doing this for months and now I'm ready. Y'all know I'm stingy when it comes to praise. This is going to take awhile. Maybe even months.
Tanner Novlan has a great voice. I really think he should look into narrating audio books of romance novels. He has the right type of voice to do the male POV section of some CEO or vampire character. His voice is deep and sexy. #BoldandBeautiful
I do admire Maurice Benard for being an advocate for people with bipolar disorder and mental health in general. It takes courage to openly talk about your struggles. It helps take the stigma away and I know Mo has helped people. #GH
When Michelle Stafford returned to the role of Phyllis, she could have just ignored everything that happened when Gina played the role. Instead she watched episodes so she could know what Phyllis has been through. Michelle loves Phyllis and her passion for her craft is clear. #YR
Linsey Godfrey isn't just talented and beautiful. She's also very politically active. From talking about reproductive rights to Black Lives Matter to her involvement with INARA, she's involved. And if a MAGA dipshit comes at her, she won't take that shit. I adore her. #Days
William Lipton is a very talented singer and songwriter. Usually original songs on soaps sound like a replacement song on an old show that is streaming but they couldn't afford the rights to the original song. I've had "The Places We Could Go" stuck in my head for weeks. #GH
Beth Maitland is the heart of #YR. I've never met a Y&R fan on here or IRL who didn't love her. If you had to come up with the most universally loved character on Y&R now, it would be Traci. Beth plays her with such warmth, but longtime fans know Traci will fight someone.
Annika Noelle had to hit the ground running from the day she debuted on #BoldandBeautiful and she has succeeded. I think she was in more episodes in 2019 than literally every soap actor. It takes real talent to carry a show on your back with zero prior soap experience.
Lamon Archey is hot, talented and hilarious. If you don't follow him on Twitter, I highly recommend him you do so. And he's really good as Eli. From romantic scenes with Lani to scenes where he isn't even the focus, Lamon is always present and reacting. #Days
It is very easy to compliment Eden McCoy and not just because we're Twitter friends. She can sing, act and is an athlete. She's carried a major story on her back at a young age. And she's the biggest cheerleader for #GH and her cast mates. Eden is the best.
I've liked Brytni Sarpy since her GH days. Valerie was under written, but Brytni was very likable and charismatic. I continue to like her on #YR. I am hoping they'll write a bigger story for her because I think Brytni can be a lead if they give her a story.
Wally Kurth is definitely one of the hardest workers in daytime. He's on contract at #Days and is heavily recurring at #GH. And on paper, Justin and Ned are similar archetypes but he plays them differently. That takes a range that not every actor has.
Eric Braeden is assertive. If something is going on at #YR that he dislikes, he will definitely make it known. I do respect an "I said what I said" attitude. He's never fake.
Correction: Wally Kurth is not on contract at Days. I forgot about him clarifying that earlier this year.
Donny Boaz's cast mates seem to like him. That's nice. I'm happy for them. #YR
Steve Burton always has stans fighting over which woman his character should be bedding. Stans still fight over Jasam vs Liason! That is some charisma to have where people will go to war on the internet over your character's dong. I really do think that's a talent. #GH
Billy Flynn is the best Chad. Before Billy took on the role, Chad was just a boring dudebro. Chad became an actual character with Billy. He got a personality and a popular pairing in Chabby. Billy deserves his flowers for helping keep the DiMera family alive on #Days.
Laura Wright is a very fun and vibrant person. She was a blast when we interviewed her on The Chat a few months ago. She's so passionate about #GH and the genre in general. Oh, and I could see over Zoom that she has a very nice living room so she has good taste.
Tyler Johnson just has this energy as Theo that's very excitable dog where you don't know if he'll hump a character's leg or bite them. I love it when an actor makes a character choice and commits to it. #YR
Usually young actors on soaps go through a green period because soaps are daunting, but that wasn't the case for Sydney Mikayla. From day one it was like she had been on #GH forever. And she's continued to showcase her talent this year as they've given Trina her own story.
Lawrence Saint-Victor has the patience of a saint. He's spent years as a glorified dayplayer on #BoldandBeautiful. Just existing to officiate weddings & fuck up documents. I'm so happy he has a story now. Sure, it involves kissing a mannequin, but he did it with a straight face!
Roger Howarth has integrity. He was never really comfortable with rapist Todd on OLTL becoming a romantic lead. Fans would scream "Rape me, Todd!" at him. It was one of the factors in him leaving OLTL for ATWT. He returned to the role eventually, but I admire the awareness.
Paul Telfer is hilarious. He had us cracking up when we interviewed him on The Chat last month. And he's taken Xander from butt monkey villain who couldn't even shoot the right person to morally grey romantic lead. And he's done a great job. #Days
Sean Dominic was hilarious when Nate was tripping balls last year. And he's a good actor, he's hot and I know from Greenleaf that he can sing. #YR needs to utilize him. I want a big messy story that doesn't involve some random white teen that no one cares about.
I love to hate Brooke Logan. Soap fans know the difference between just wanting a character dead and loving to hate them. Katherine Kelly Lang has the chops to have an internal logic for all of Brooke's hoe mess. And she's one of the best criers in daytime. #BoldandBeautiful
Stacy Haiduk is one of the best actresses in daytime. She was brilliant as Patty/Emily on #YR. And she's done the impossible in replacing Eileen Davidson on #Days. She's delicious as Kristen and her Susan is better than Eileen's Susan. She has "Carry a show on her back" talent.
I've adored Emme Rylan since she went by Marcy Rylan and was playing Lizzie on Guiding Light. Her version of Lulu is different than JMB's, but she does a good job. Honestly, I prefer mother & journalist Lulu over 2006 era Lulu where every man under 30 had a boner for her. #GH
Rob Scott Wilson has grown so much as an actor since he was getting blown while talking about computers on AMC. He's one of the leading men on #Days now for what used to be a nothing character. And he's mastered the "I want to lick her booty sweat" look that all soap men need.
Michael Easton won the Chandler Massey Award for Phoning It In on my Best and Worst list years ago when playing Silas. Now he's awake as Finn. Maybe getting fired taught him a lesson. Whatever the reason, I do appreciate when someone stops thinking about pizza and acts. #GH
If you don't consider my Michael Easton tweet a compliment, longtime followers know this is practically gushing compared to what I used to say about him. This was my tweet when he got fired years ago:
I commend Suzanne Rogers for really going for it in scenes. She makes choices. Whether you like it or not is a matter of personal taste. Though I'd rather someone go big on a soap than be sedate. #Days
I started watching #YR regularly around when Bryton James debuted. He impressed me then and continued to even during the Winters Wednesdays years when Devon had a dayplayer GF. He is a leading man and he proved that with Hevon. He deserves more than Y&R is currently giving him.
Chad Duell is a good actor. He gave a stellar performance from late 2014 to 2015 when Michael hated Carson. He deservedly won an Emmy for it. I just wish #GH would write to Chad's strengths and not as a Captain Save a Hoe wuss who has to have mommy fight his battles.
I'm going to give Joshua Morrow a few compliments. 1. He should have won an Emmy for Cassie's death. He was great. 2. He's somehow hotter now than he was 20 years ago. 3. He's now following me so good taste, Joshua! 4. He's smart enough to rarely use social media. #YR
Katrina Bowden does a good job playing an unlikable character. It isn't her fault they've made Flo a baby thief and then propped her as a saint. When a show shoves a character down our throats, the gag reflex kicks in. #BoldandBeautiful hasn't done Katrina any favors.
Kelly Monaco was really great on Port Charles. She had chemistry with her co-stars and gave a standout performance amongst that cast. #GH
As you can see I'm being very careful to only say stuff I mean in this thread. No one can say "You're lying!" in response to anything I've said.
Bradford Anderson has to spit out dialogue tailored to his unique character. This often includes technobabble and SAT words. He makes it look like nothing. And he's fostered strong friendships with cast members like Steve. I do like it when onscreen friends are friends IRL. #GH
Camryn Grimes is great. She's been slaying since childhood. And it must have been daunting to go from playing beloved Cassie to her twin Mariah who entered the show gaslighting and stalking. Camryn made it work. And personality wise, Camryn is super fun. #YR
That Hilary/Mariah gif I made years ago makes me wish #YR had a real rivalry right now. We made fun of "She tripped me!" and fighting over a dress, but someone being tripped is dramatic compared to what's airing now.
I applaud Melissa Reeves decision to age naturally. That is outside the norm of soaps and it is appreciated. #Days
Matthew Ashford is a pro. Not only a good actor, but respectful of #Days. The show has fired him four times! Yet he has never given a shady interview I can recall. If anyone has ever had reason to be bitter about Days it is him, but he always keeps it classy.
Sonya Eddy has an air of authority to her. When Epiphany is reading someone, I'm here for it. And Sonya is a great singer. She's had some good Nurses' Ball numbers like "Doctor's Orders" and "Jump." And Sonya always has a job whether it is a commercial or playing God. #GH
Marci Miller is hauntingly beautiful. Like the ghost of a woman who committed suicide in 1947 when her married lover Reginald wouldn't leave his wife for her. And the #Days cast legit seems like they would take a bullet for Marci. They all caps LOVE her.
Robert Adamson is a good actor and hot. Though #YR treats him like shit. First dropping him to recurring after giving him his first successful pairing and then shipping him off to London. 80 year old hoe Dina has had more story this past decade than Noah!
I accepted Marcus Coloma as Nikolas from the day one. Marcus oozes sex and amorality as Nikolas. And he nails the big test for recasts when he talks about past stories like they happened to him. Some recasts fail at that. #GH
I will give Thorsten Kaye credit for playing a more heterosexual and tolerable version of Ridge. #BoldandBeautiful
I like Jax as a character and I guess some of the credit for that should go to Ingo Rademacher. And he still has chemistry with Laura Wright. #TheNicestDraftOfThisTweet #GH
I adore Sharon Case. She could push me down a flight of stairs and I'd be like "Thank you, Sharon! That was iconic! Queen of pushing people down stairs!" Not that Sharon would push me down a flight of stairs, but the option is available to her and only her. #YR
Jason Thompson is like Sharon Case or Kim Zimmer in that he can be given some questionable writing, but he'll make it work. And after a merry-go-round of Billy's, he stopped that ride and made Billy his own. I was really happy for him when he finally won an Emmy this year. #YR
Heather Tom has never phoned it in ever. It doesn't matter if she's a talk to in a scene. She still does great work. It is unfortunate that #BoldandBeautiful only gives her 2 types of stories: "My body is falling apart!" or "Bill went looking for destiny in Brooke's cooter."
Cynthia Watros is a big reason why my evil ass is on here talking about soaps. Annie Dutton going nuts was the first soap story I followed. She was mesmerizing. I still watch clips of that story. And she's actually made me like Nina on #GH a character I was previously meh on.
Martha Madison rescued us from Charity "Very Experienced" Rahmer's Belle and I've loved her ever since. Honestly, I also prefer her over Kirsten's Belle. Martha's Belle is horny and yet still his a sweetness to her, but is not a pushover like some other soap heroines. #Days
Lisa LoCicero almost made me cry this week when Olivia was begging Dante to open the door. I'm a stone-cold bitch, so it takes some Coco level shit to almost get me. And Lisa really delivered that, so kudos. #GH
#Days fans owe a lot to Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes. If they didn't set Days on fire as Doug and Julie in the 70's, I don't think the show would be on now. You wouldn't have Jarlena, Cin, Elani, Chabby and Xarah.
I've gotten used to Briana Nicole Henry. It was difficult because she's younger than me playing a woman with a grown ass son. It helps that she's more relaxed in the role now and she has a story. I no longer think "Why is she here?" when I see her. #GH
Liam is a waffling bitch with a harem fantasy, but I really like Scott Clifton. He's a good actor and is an interesting guy. I enjoy reading his thoughts about politics and religion. And he's lowkey hot in a high school English teacher way. #BoldandBeautiful
Eileen Davidson is iconic. Playing 5 roles at the same time on #Days is some Orphan Black shit long before that series ever happened. And all of them were very different than Ashley on #YR. Most actors have a wheelhouse they stay in, but Eileen has range.
I've been very impressed by Lindsay Arnold. #Days threw her into the deep end of the pool immediately with a big story and working with the show's heavy hitters. She held her own. And she's a high energy performer like her TV mama Alison Sweeney.
Mishael Morgan was amazing as Hilary and Hevon was everything. Hands down the best addition of the decade. I was furious when Hilary died, but I'm happy she's back as Amanda. Do you know how popular someone has to be to get a "We fucked up!" twin? Really popular. #YR
Amelia Heinle plays ice queen very well. I didn't like it when they had her playing that 50's sitcom shit with Cheshire Billy. And Amelia did great work with Delia's death and the abuse story. I just wish we had a consistent vision since every HW takes her in... 1/2 #YR
a new direction. They seem to have settled on "No fucks to give" Victoria for now which I'm happy about it. And I have accepted Amelia in the role despite the roller coaster writing. It has been 15 years. Some of y'all need to let Heather Tom go. #YR
The response to Kristian Alfonso leaving shows a lot of you will miss her. I'm sure she appreciates that. #Days
I love Camila Banus' style IRL and as Gabi. She always looks great. Red really suits her. #Days
Johnny Wactor is cute. Look, that's all he's going to get for now. I don't have a strong opinion of him in either direction yet. Sometimes I'm ambivalent to a person for awhile until my opinion solidifies. I guess keep on being cute, Johnny! #GH
Okay, I've done most of the actors I'd struggle to compliment. There's still a few remaining that aren't going to get the most glowing compliments. I'm going to really try though.
I am so happy that Jay Kenneth Johnson is back on #Days. They've tried to recast Phillip before, but Dudebro and Gayface were flops. And I'm glad Jay cut that hair. 5 years ago he was looking like a cult leader named Moon who would bang a man's wife right in front of him.
Kate Linder is the queen of #YR fan events. If you've met a Y&R star, there's a good chance it was at one of her events. She even has a virtual one coming up. And I always enjoy it when Esther is on. Soaps do need at least one character that doesn't have a personality disorder.
Kelly Thiebaud is a person who exists. Good job existing, Kelly! #SheBlockedMeIn2015WhenSheWasWith7BC #GH
Briana Lane is the best type of temp recast. The type that could permanently takeover the role if need be. She had the Brook Lynn attitude down from jump. And acting without speaking can't be easy, but Briana conveyed all of the emotions. I really like her. #GH
I've liked Rena Sofer in everything I've seen her in whether it is 24 or even that so so American version of Coupling. That's true with Quinn as well. Quinn is an interesting take on the meddling mother archetype because she tries to get her son laid. 1/2 #BoldandBeautiful
This subversion of the meddling mother trope gives Rena something different to play. Quinn just wants her son happy and all annoyances elsewhere. And there's always a twinkle in Rena's eyes when Quinn is scheming. It is a great performance. 2/2 #BoldandBeautiful
Before Brandon Barash, Stefan was a flop who jerked off to Party City wigs. He became an instant fan fave the minute he assumed the role, but they killed him because #Days shoots so far ahead. He was popular enough to get the "We fucked up!" twin. 1/2
Now that Brandon Barash is playing Jake, he has freedom to do his thing without the Stefan baggage. He's hilarious. I think he deserves an Emmy for the line reading of "Diah-beet-us!" alone. And he still has chemistry with Camila. 2/2 #Days
Kin Shriner is hilarious as Scotty. I wish we saw more of him. They could always put him back with Lucy. And Kin did a great job voicing Green Arrow on Justice League Unlimited. If you haven't seen it, watch it out on DC Universe. #GH
Darin Brooks has a nice ass. I don't have a pic on hand, but if you watch #BoldandBeautiful you've seen those cheeks filling out those pants. I don't know if it is genetic or lots of squats, but damn Darin.
Mark Grossman had a steep hill to climb as Adam. He's the fourth one and the previous 3 were good in the role. And he's become the definitive Adam. The other 3 were extremes and Mark's version is the perfect balance. You can tell Mark did his homework on Adam. #YR
I hate Rafe Hernandez, but I like Galen Gering. It is possible to want a character to fall in a sinkhole or get pecked to death by pigeons and still like the actor. There are actors I actively dislike and Galen isn't among that group. #Days
Speaking of disliking a character, but liking an actor, that's my feelings with Wes Ramsey and Peter on #GH. I've liked Wes since Guiding Light and he was great in Latter Days. Peter is an ingrown toenail of a character. I don't blame Wes. That backstory fucked the character.
Bryan Dattilo is arguably the most underrated #Days actor. He went from driving story in the 90's and 2000's to D character which made no sense given how many connections Lucas has to the canvas. I'm thrilled he's back and they are actually using him for great family drama.
Isabel Durant is doing a good job as Claire. I was nervous when she was hired because historically Australians on American soaps have trouble with the accent, but she's got it down. Her Claire seems stable and mature. She's won me over quickly. #Days
Christel Khailil seems like she's really enjoying herself since she's returned full time and I'm liking Lily more. For too many years, #YR let themselves be held hostage by fans of a pairing. Now that Lane is over, CK is free to play different stories and I'm thrilled for her.
I like Cait Fairbanks and she's also a talented singer. It took me awhile to warm up to Tessa because the writing was all over the place for her, but I eventually did. And Zach Tinker is her boyfriend so I'm happy for her. They are a really cute couple. #YR
Judi Evans has range. She can play heroines like Beth on Guiding Light and Adrienne on #Days. She can also play trashy gold diggers like Bonnie Lockhart. Judi makes every role her bitch. I just wish Judi was on contract as Bonnie. She's so good.
I could use this tweet to compliment Michael Mealor's talent or looks or that he's the only successful Kyle, but I'm going to talk about his dog's Instagram account. I think it says a lot about a person when he stans his dog to the point that he makes an Insta for him. #YR
Here's the link for Michael Mealor's dog Mishka's IG account if you are a dog Insta kind of person: #YR
Doug Davidson is one of the best male criers in daytime. #YR
People talk a lot about Luke and Laura, but #GH owes a lot to Leslie Charleson. Alan and Monica were the OG messy couple of the show. Affairs, Alan trying to murder her, outside baby Jason, more affairs, cancer, etc. I wish we had a couple like this on soaps now.
Nadia Bjorlin is insanely beautiful. It is kind of nuts that #Days cast her over 20 years ago as "Ghoul Girl." I am really happy she's back on the show. Hopefully they have something for her to do since I've noticed Ron kind of treats her like he did Liz on GH. She deserves more.
I want Valentin to choke to death on an almond while Laura does nothing, but I like James Patrick Stuart. He was great on Supernatural and The Closer. And he's even very likable on Twitter. It makes me wish I didn't want Valentin to die. #GH
I've liked Mark Lawson since he played Brody on OLTL. He did a great job portraying Brody's struggle with PTSD. I've wanted him back on soaps for years, so I was happy when #GH cast him. Oh, if you don't follow him on Insta, he posts thirst vids of himself working out.
Aaron D. Spears is too talented and handsome to just be relegated to just saying stuff like "Dollar Bill, you are the man!" They have the character's ex-wife and mother of his son on the canvas and they are doing nothing with that! #BoldandBeautiful
I think I only need a few more days and this thread will be done. I legit thought it would take me longer to compliment this many people.
I was so happy for James Reynolds when he won the Emmy for Lead Actor for his work during Theo's shooting story. You can tell it meant so much to him. Abe's usual stories were town mayor or getting cucked by Lexie, so it was great for him to get recognition for once. #Days
Deidre Hall is the Queen of #Days. She's so popular that fans literally protested when they thought Marlena died in the 80's. Very few soap characters have that power. And the way Deidre internets is endearing. She decreed that fans stop using gifs! Truly adorable. 1/2
And Deidre's chemistry with her co-stars is off the charts. Whether she's getting fed strawberries and cream in a Jarlena scene or reading Sami for filth or locked in a giant bird cage, your eyes will be glued to the screen. She has that charisma. 2/2 #Days
I feel like #YR didn't really know what it wanted to do with Summer during Hunter King's first stint. That changed when Hunter returned. Summer had more of a storyline POV and Hunter was reinvigorated. This was when I became a Summer stan and also a Skyle stan. Hunter is a star.
Y'all know how I feel about the Mike story, but I still think Max Gail did beautiful work. I did find the scenes of his Nurses' Ball "performance" particularly moving. Max should be really proud of himself. #GH
Matthew Atkinson has done a great job as Thomas. It is difficult to still be likable when you are getting Lifetime movie villain writing, but Matthew managed it. Also, he's hot as hell and I'm really digging that facial hair. #BoldandBeautiful
Melissa Claire Egan excels at playing bad girls (like Chelsea when they let her be) or crazy like Annie on AMC. Heroine isn't her lane. I wish #YR would write more to her strengths. Melissa could set the show on fire if they let Chelsea go full bitch.
Playing a good guy on soap can be more difficult than playing a villain. You have to exude both empathy and masculinity to make fans see you as sensitive and hot. You have to have layers to your performance so you aren't seen as boring. Josh Swickard has all this. #GH
Maria DiDomenico has great hair. Gorgeous hair. And she's doing a good job as a character that I assume will be murdered soon. #YR
I've liked Sal Stowers since she won ANTM. My first exposure to her acting was on AMC as Cassandra. That story involved sex trafficking and abortion. It was heavy stuff for a newcomer, but Sal put in the work. 1/2 #Days
A few years later, Sal debuted on #Days. The writing for Lani was iffy, but by the time they put her with Eli it was fixed. Sal and Lamon have a lot of chemistry and it is insane that Elani was the first Black couple married on Days. Hopefully they'll continue to have story. 2/2
Brook Kerr and every other actor involved in the Valerie/Vincent story on Passions deserves a special Emmy for keeping a straight face during that. And I'm happy Brook is back on soaps. I hope Portia bangs Curtis since Brook and Donnell have chem. I want cheating! #GH
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