Extremely unsurprising. The ascendent left in NYC (where Chapo is very influential) seems to be hell-bent on emulating the San Francisco progressives' failed housing policies that substitute the aesthetic preferences of gentrifiers for policies that produce affordability. https://twitter.com/dmtrubman/status/1301860053088169985
Exactly. DSA has been lead badly astray on housing policy https://twitter.com/samdman95/status/1301909528066183174?s=19
Observations like "the core demographic of DSA and left electoral candidates is college-educated, high socio-economic-status urban dwellers" aren't meant as a criticism. Not realizing that is how you let bouregois Neighborhood Defender politics into your Socialist organization
An American left that looked at France and saw an ally in Paris's Socialist Mayor rather than in the Yellow Vest gas tax protestors would be very good https://twitter.com/holz_bau/status/1301911374428160000?s=19
I should've added "young" to this which is why they all live in the gentrification belt! https://twitter.com/mtsw/status/1301911432804446209?s=19
Worth noting that the Left is not just NYC and San Francisco but this is exactly why I worry about what influencers like Chapo say https://twitter.com/BenRossTransit/status/1301912432504438786?s=19
or that they are not exclusive competitors but that denser market rate housing will also make getting the social housing built easier https://twitter.com/Fresh_Kermit/status/1301909875597901826
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