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🌐 Snowden is vindicated
🌐 African leadership in AI
🌐 Brazil adopts its answer to GDPR

Check it out here https://webfdn.org/3jEyK7w 
Stat of the week: We now spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per person, per day using social media. https://webfdn.org/3jEyK7w 

Filipinos are the world's most 'social' with almost 4 hours per day, while for Japanese it's just 45 minutes.

Zimbabwe’s largest mobile operator has increased the cost of data bundles by 60% after receiving the go-ahead from the regulators.

Consumer rights groups criticised the move, claiming the majority of subscribers will be unable to afford it https://webfdn.org/3jEyK7w  #TheWebThisWeek
Web Foundation Board Member & former @A4A_Internet Advisory Council Honorary Chair Dr @OmobolaJohnson was inducted into @Techpointdotng Awards Hall of Fame for her contributions to the Nigerian tech ecosystem and her policy advocacy work https://webfdn.org/2GaIMP8  #TheWebThisWeek
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